Print clearly or type. Be sure to complete all questions. Failure to answer
questions or provide inaccurate information can lead to a delay in
processing your application or denial of admission.
A non-refundable application fee of US $40 is required before the
application can be processed. This fee cannot be waived or deferred.
• It is acceptable to return the completed application form, the nancial
statement and supporting nancial documents via fax (011-1-406-657-2302
or email to However, academic
documents and exam scores must be ocial and original, and therefore
must be sent by mail.
All required educational documents (transcripts, mark sheets, exam
results, certicates diplomas, etc.) must be original or certied true
copies. They must be stamped and signed by a school ocial and sent to
MSUB directly by the issuing school or sealed closed in a school envelope
to be mailed by the applicant. Photocopies are acceptable for intial
admission purposes only. Originals must be provided at enrollment.
A literal English translation must be provided for any academic
document that is not written in English.
• MSUB International Admissions will notify you if we require further
information to evaluate your academic credentials.
Exam scores (such as TOEFL or IELTS) must be sent to MSUB. Student
copies will be accepted for admission, followed by ocial documents upon
A bank statement or other form of documentation of nancial
support must be provided to assure that funds are available for the rst
year of study.
International Graduate
Application for Admission
Completed Application Form
Application Fee: US $40
English Prociency Proof
Certied Copies of Records
Evaluated Transcript
Letter of Intent
Standardized Exam Scores
3 Letters of Recommendation
Copy of Passport
Financial Statement
Health History Form
For Program Specic
Requirements Visit:
Submit all required documents to:
Oce of Admissions and Records
Montana State University Billings
1500 University Drive
Billings, MT 59101-0245
For assistance or further Information:
Application Deadlines
Fall Semester Applications are due in the Graduate Oce by June 1st
Spring Semester Applications are due in the Graduate Oce by October 1st
Summer Semester Applications are due in the Graduate Oce by February 1st
Your application will be used to assess your eligibility to attend
Montana State University Billings. Your documents will be securely
stored to ensure your privacy. MSUB oers a secure online application
platform for students who do not wish to submit their application and
supplemental information via an email attachment.
MSUB does not share this information with third parties.
Your Full name as it appears on your passport: (Note: use the same name in all correspondence)
(Last-Family-Surname) (First-Given-Personal) (Middle-Maiden)
If any of your transcripts, records or test scores are under a name other than indicated on this application, please print former name in space below:
Former name:
(Last-Family-Surname) (First-Given-Personal) (Middle-Maiden)
Country of Birth City of Birth Country of Citizenship
Country of legal permanent residence Date of Birth
Sex: Female Male If you have a U.S. Social Security Number, enter it here:
Foreign Home Address of Student:
(Street & Number) (Town or City) (Province or State) (Country) (Mail Code/Zip Code)
Telephone FAX E-mail
(Include country code) (Include country code) (Student email address, no or addresses)
Present Mailing Address (if different from above):
(Street & Number) (Town or City) (Province or State) (Country) (Mail Code/Zip Code)
I can receive mail at this address until___/___/___ Telephone E-mail
Mo. Day Yr (Include country code)
Please print or type
This application is to be completed and submitted by all non-United States citizens wishing to enroll. All information, except the signature, should be typed or printed and must
be in English. *All of the information given in this application must be complete, accurate and up to date before any visa paperwork can be created. Any falsication of
information or failure to provide accurate information may result in denial of admission.
Application fee: A non-refundable application fee of $40.00 (U.S. dollars) is required of every undergraduate applicant. A check, money order, or international bank draft made
payable to MSU Billings or the MSU Billings Credit Card form should be enclosed when returning this application form. Applications will not be processed until fee has been
Enrollment Objectives:
Desired year and semester of enrollment: (year) January May September
Do you intend to complete IELP before entering academic work? Yes No
Degree: Master Licensure Endorsement ABA Certicate Non-Degree
Proposed Degree/Certicate Program:
Agency Contact Information:
Agency Agent name Agent phone Agent e-mail
Person to contact in case of an emergency:
Name Relationship
Address Phone
If under 18 years of age, please complete the parent/ guardianship information:
Parent/ Guardian full name
Telephone E-mail
If you are currently in the United States, what is your immigration status? (F1, J1, etc.)
1. On what date did you enter the U.S.?
2. If you hold an F visa, what institution issued the Form I-20 on which you received your visa?
3. If you hold a J visa, please answer the following:
Who is the sponsor? Program Number
Do you have permission from the sponsor to transfer here if accepted for admission?
4. Are you attending academic courses or English language training?_____Yes _____ No
City: State:
5. Are you currently attending a U.S. school? _____Yes _____ No
City: State:
What is your rst (home / native) language?
Please select the most appropriate "Option" below:
OPTION 1: My English language prociency does not meet the required level for admission to MSU Billings, however, I would like to
be granted conditional admission to MSU Billings and to enroll in the MSU Billings Intensive English Language Program (IELP).
All applicants selecting Option 1 must successfully complete the MSU Billings IELP, or satisfy Option 2 below, before they can begin coursework in an MSU
Billings degree program. Students will be placed in appropriate English training level 1-5 based on MSU Billings testing.
OPTION 2: My English language prociency meets the required level for admission to MSU Billings. *
All applicants selecting Option 2, who are from countries where English is not the native/home language and/or applicants who received training in a
non-English speaking area, and all applicants needing Visa sponsorship are required to supply results of the English Prociency Test as listed below or
other formal English report as authorized by the United States Embassy or Consulate.
For fulllment of Option 2, please submit at least one of the following required English test reports: Students who do not send results of scores will be
enrolled in MSU Billings Intensive English Language Program. NOTE: PLEASE ENTER ALL POSSIBLE REPORT TESTS AND SCORES WITH DATES: From the list
below, check the box for the test you took. Then, to the right, enter your test score and the date you took the exam.
□ TOEFL: 90 iBT (565 PBT) Graduate admission Test Date: Score:
□ IELTS: 5.5 (Undergraduate admission) 7.5 (Graduate Admission) Test Score: Date:
*You must still pass the university COMPASS writing exam to register in academic courses. Please see our website for more information:
Completion of this section is required.
Educational Background:
List every college or university (including MSUB) you have attended or will attend prior to entering MSUB. Use a seperate sheet if necessary.
1. Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $40.00 (U.S. Dollars) is required of every applicant.
OPTION 1: I authorize the MSU Billings Business Services Ofce to charge my application fee to the credit card which the form is completed and attached.
OPTION 2: A check, money order, or international bank draft, made payable to MSU Billings, for this fee is enclosed along with my application form.
2. Financial Statement Form: U.S. visa regulations require that certication of admission be based upon both academic acceptance and satisfactory evidence of adequate
funding to meet all of the expenses that will be incurred in the student’s proposed program of study. A completed Financial Statement must be received by the MSU Billings
International Studies Ofce before an I 20 can be issued. The completed nancial form, along with the Bank statements, afdavits of support from individual sponsors, or
ofcial letters from sponsoring organizations should be sent to the MSU Billings Ofce of International Studies when returning this application.
I certify that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate, and I understand that submissions of inaccurate
information could be considered sufcient cause for terminating my application or enrollment at MSU Billings.
Student’s Signature Date this application was completed
(Do not type or Print)
Optional Question: How did you learn of MSU Billings?
A felony in Montana State law is dened as a crime for which more
than one year in prison may be imposed.
1. Have you ever been convicted of a felony (please include instances
of deferred sentencing)?
Yes No
2. Have you ever been subjected to court-ordered connement for
threatening or causing physical or emotional injury to persons or
Yes No
Suspension is dened as a sanction imposed for disciplinary reasons that results in a student leaving school for
a xed time period, less than permanently. Dismissal from a college for disciplinary reasons is dened as
permanent separation from an institution of higher education on the basis of conduct or behavior.
3. Have you ever been disciplined, suspended from, or placed on probation at any educational institution for
non-academic reasons?
Yes No
4. Have you ever been required to register as a sexual or violent offender?
Yes No
An afrmative response to any of these questions will not automatically prevent admission, but you will be asked by
the college to provide additional information. This information will be reviewed by a campus committee to ensure
campus safety. Any falsication or omission of data may result in a denial of admission or dismissal.
Name of School
Town /City Country
Date of Attendance Degree Earned / Expected
From To Name Date Received
In order to process your application swiftly please
fax a scanned copy to: 011-1-406-657-2302 or
email the scanned copy to
Then mail all original application documents to:
Montana State University Billings
Admissions & Records Ofce
1500 University Drive
Billings, MT 59101
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