International Admission Application – NEO A&M College
Name: ________________________________________________________________________________
[Last] [First] [Middle]
Permanent Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________
Home Phone:
[ country code ] ________________ [ number ] ____________________________________________________
Cell Phone:
[ country code ] ________________ [ number ] ____________________________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________
[IMPORTANT Please ensure that the email address you provide is a private and reliable address to which you, the applicant, will have access
during the entire admission process. NEO communicates essential application and SIS/PIN Verification information to this email account.]
Gender: Male Female Date of Birth (Month/Date/4 Digit Year): ______ / _____ / _____
City of Birth: __________________________________________________________________________
Country of Birth: _______________________________________________________________________
Country of Citizenship: __________________________________________________________________
Native Language: ______________________________________________________________________
Is English the official language of your country? Yes No
Did you graduate from a high school (secondary school) where the instruction was in English? Yes No
Anticipated Field of Study: ________________________________________________________________
Name of Emergency contact person in your home country: ______________________________________
Address, phone number: __________________________________________________________________
Relationship to you: _____________________________________________________________________
Where will you live while studying at NEO?
Residence Hall
[Complete the Housing Contract] I will secure my own housing off campus
Name of high school or secondary school: _____________________________________________
Address of high school or secondary school: ____________________________________________
Graduation date (Month/Date/4 Digit Year): _______________________________________________
Does this date appear on your transcripts? Yes No
[If not please submit a copy of your diploma or a signed letter from the school on letterhead and signed by a school official attesting to your date of
graduation. A documented graduation date is REQUIRED for all international students.]
TOEFL score: _____________________________________________
Is this your first enrollment at any college? Yes No
Previous colleges or universities attended:
Name of School
City, State, Country
Dates Attended
Note: Remember to attach your TOEFL exam score sheet
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