Revised 10/11
Internal Grant Application Cover Sheet
Type(s) of award(s) sought:
Faculty Development Travel Grant Student Assistant Grant
Grant-in-Aid of Research Summer Faculty Fellowship for Teaching
Improvement of Teaching Grant Summer Faculty Fellowship for Research
Other ____________________________
Applicants Name:____________________________________________________________
Title & Department: ___________________________________________________________
Project Title:_________________________________________________________________
Amount Requested:_____________________________________ (grant applications only)
Special Needs. Does this project involve:
Human Subjects Laboratory Animals Biohazards
If so, please provide your application number and the most recent approval date from the
appropriate committee (IRB or IACUC) ___________________________________________
Terms & Conditions:
1. Substantial deviations from grant budgets are not to be made without prior authorization and funds not
needed for the projects described should be promptly returned.
2. A progress report will be submitted by October 1 of each year until funds are expended or the project
is completed.
3. Because some projects supported through Grants-in-Aid of Research or Teaching may yield royalties
or other income to the grantees, each applicant agrees, as a condition of the award, to repay the
University fund from such personal income when the amount is in excess of $100 in any year. Thus,
each year that the income exceeds $100, the recipient is obligated to repay to the University fund one-
half of such excess until the grant is repaid.
4. It is understood that letters of reference solicited in connection with this application are confidential,
and the applicant waives any right to request access to such letters.
5. The conduct of projects and management of funds under this award will adhere to the policies
described in the
IU Southeast Research Policy Manual/Faculty Manual and Policies and Procedures
Manual, and to all laws and policies with regard to research involving live human or animal subjects or
hazardous materials.
6. IU Southeast support will be appropriately acknowledged in presentations and publications resulting
from this award.
In signing this application, the applicant signifies having read and agreed to these conditions.
Signature:___________________________________________ Date:____________________