Interagency Wild and Scenic Rivers Coordinating Council
Jackie Diedrich Wild and Scenic Rivers Leadership Award
Eligibility: Open to WSR-administering agency staff, including state agency staff responsible for
managing 2(a)(ii) rivers.
Criteria: The Jackie Diedrich WSR Leadership Award recognizes WSR-administering agency staff who
have shown outstanding leadership in going above and beyond their assigned duties to help their
agencies protect and manage WSRs, build capacity for WSR stewardship, and/or develop exemplary
training programs for WSR professionals.
Recipients have a documented record of leadership and advocacy in one or more of the following areas:
Building agency WSR stewardship programs
Championing WSR program staffing and budget needs through bureau and departmental
Taking proactive measures to ensure that agency policy is consistent with the WSRA and with
other agencies’ policies
Working with attorneys to avoid and defend lawsuits
Working proactively with other agencies (FHWA, FERC, ACOE, DOE, EPA, etc.) to educate staff
about the WSRA and to ensure that their guidance about projects and regulatory decisions
affecting WSRs are consistent with WSRA requirements
Working with agency legislative affairs staff to respond to Congressional inquiries, to prepare
agency testimony, and to advocate for river study and designation bills that accurately address
agency findings
Developing, supporting and implementing WSR training for agency staff
Mentoring early- and mid-career staff to ensure WSR program continuity
Providing leadership on the IWSRCC
Nomination form
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Specific activities and accomplishments relating to one or more of the award criteria. Please include
both specific examples and summary statements of accomplishment. Tie your nomination clearly to the
criteria listed above. (Two pages maximum).
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Submit your nominations to Lisa Machnik at by February 29, 2020