You are welcome to communicate with us in either English or Welsh.
Application forms are available in both Welsh and English.
Application forms submitted in Welsh will not be treated less favourably.
All Wales Fire Cadet Application Form
Have you previously had any involvement with the Fire and Rescue Service?
(Involved in an Incident, attended Crucial Crew or participated in a Youth Project such as Phoenix Project,
Firefighter for a Day etc).
If so, please give details:
Please identify what you are applying for:
Junior Cadet (Year 8) Fire Cadet (14– 16 Years)
Cadet Personal Details
Full Name
Is this the same gender as at birth?
School Attended
Home Telephone
Email address
Date of Birth
Current Age
Emergency Contact 1
Relationship to
Home Telephone
Work Telephone
Email address
Emergency Contact 2
Relationship to
Home Telephone
Work Telephone
Email address
What are your hobbies and interests?
Are you a member of any other club? please provide details.
Why do you want to become a Fire Cadet?
Tell us why you would make a good Fire Cadet.
Do you consider that you have a learning difficulty, disability or health problem that may affect you on the
All Wales Fire Cadet Consent Form
Full Name of Cadet (applicant)
Fire Cadets / Fireskills
I agree that my child/ward can take part in the Fire Cadets
I accept that the Fire & Rescue Service cannot accept any liability for loss/damage to personal
I understand that I will be contacted on the numbers I have provided in the event of an emergency
General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The Fire and Rescue Service will process the information you have given on this form for the administration of the
Fire Cadets. We will keep your details secure and will not disclose them to anyone else, unless you agree or we are
legally required to do so, for example if there is a Safeguarding issue.
Under the GDPR you have certain rights in relation to the data held about you by the Fire and Rescue Service
(FRS). A list of those rights can be found on the Fire and Rescue Service websites.
Medical Declaration
Does the applicant have/suffer
Details if ‘Yes’
Allergies to medications
Food Allergies/Coeliac disease or special
dietary requirements
Fainting or dizziness
Travel Sickness
Bone, muscle or joint conditions
Mental health conditions
e.g. anxiety or depression
Other condition
Details of any current medication, name and
I consent to my child receiving medication as
instructed and any emergency treatment
including anaesthetic or blood transfusion as
considered necessary by the medical
authorities present. We would attempt to
make contact with you before seeing
Parent / Guardian
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Activity Consent Form
All activities are assessed as to their suitability and safety. Risks from any hazards are controlled through the
provision of suitable protective clothing plus progressive and closely supervised training. With control measures in
place, no risks are considered to be higher than medium.
Typical activities are detailed below.
Other activities will be offered throughout the course.
Squad Drills
Hose Work
Ladder Work
Using fire appliances
Basic First Aid
Road Traffic Collisions RTCs
Hygiene personal and food
Working on Fire Service Premises
Visitor Talks
I consent to my child taking part in all sessions and activities (Please tick)
Please use this space to detail if there is anything that you would NOT want your child to take part in or anything,
we need to be aware of. Additional consent forms may be requested where applicable.
Parent / Guardian
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Fire Cadets’ Code of Conduct
Fire Cadet Instructors are responsible for maintaining appropriate conduct amongst Fire Cadets. Instructors,
Volunteers and Cadets represent the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) and must remember their responsibilities to the
community, ensuring courteous and professional behaviour at all times.
Listed below are the elements of the code of conduct to be followed by Instructors, and Cadets alike and will form
an agreed contract when signed.
Fire Cadets and Instructors are required to act in a polite and disciplined manner and do nothing to bring the FRS
into disrepute
Parents/Carers are responsible for the Cadet’s safety when travelling to and from the Cadet location
Cadets must not enter a Fire Station unsupervised nor arrive more than 30 minutes before the session begins.
Instructors must be at the location prior to the Cadets arriving
All uniform/PPE issued remains the property of the FRS and must be maintained in good condition and returned
upon the request of the FRS
Full uniform must be worn by all Cadets and Instructors when attending Fire Cadets sessions and official
functions, and may not be worn on any occasion other than to official Fire Cadets activities
All Fire Service equipment must not be operated unsupervised
All personal property will be treated with respect
Any damage or loss of uniform or equipment must be reported to an Instructor at the earliest opportunity
Fire Cadets and Instructors must keep the premises clean and tidy at all times
Smoking is not permitted during Fire Cadet Sessions or whilst undertaking Fire Cadet Activities
Fire Cadets and Instructors are required to be presentable when in uniform. Long hair must be tied back and
must not obscure the face in any way whilst on drill
No visible jewellery should be worn during drill yard activities
All accidents, injuries and near-misses occurring whilst undertaking Fire Cadet Activities must be reported
immediately to Instructors and recorded appropriately in accordance with FRS procedures
Fire Cadets must comply with all instructions given by Instructors
Fire Cadets and Instructors must apply an attitude of fairness, equality and respect to others. Obscene or
abusive language will not be tolerated
Chewing gum is not permitted during Fire Cadet sessions or activities
Personal mobile phones must be turned off and kept in a secure location during Fire Cadet sessions/activities.
The FRS will not take any responsibility for personal belongings
Fire Cadets who do not follow this code of conduct will be subject to the Fire Cadets’ Disciplinary Process
I confirm that I have read and understand the code of conduct and agree to comply with all of the above.
Cadet (applicant)
Parent / Guardian
Print Name
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