Intent to Transfer from a Virginia Community College to Randolph-Macon College
The following document allows Virginia Community College System (VCCS) students who have an interest in transferring
to Randolph-Macon College (R-MC) under the Guaranteed Admissions Agreement (GAA) between R-MC and the VCCS
the ability to:
Receive credit transfer consultation upon receipt of official transcripts as a part of the application process
o Intent to Transfer form should be submitted along with application for admission and official transcripts
from VCCS institution
Receive official credit transfer evaluation once accepted to R-MC
Transfer to R-MC under the R-MC VCCS Guaranteed Admissions Agreement
I intend to transfer to Randolph-Macon College under the terms of the GAA established between R-MC and the
I understand that I must graduate from my VCCS college with an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Arts
and Sciences degree, or an Associate of Sciences degree with at least a cumulative 3.0 grade point average.
Signing this agreement will not obligate me to attend Randolph-Macon College.
I have read and understand the requirements, procedures, deadlines and my responsibilities as described in the GAA
with Randolph-Macon College.
Name: ____________________________________ Date of birth: __________________________________
Email address: _____________________________ Phone Number: ________________________________
Address: __________________________________ Apt. #: _____________________________
City: ____________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: _______________
Current Community College: __________________________________________________________
Number of credit hours*: ___________________ CUM GPA*: _____________ (*at time of signing the intent form)
Anticipated major after transfer:_________________________________________________________________
Anticipated graduation date from current Virginia community college: __________________________________
Signature of student: __________________________________________ Date: _________________________
Signature of current community college Advisor/Counselor:
Signature of current community college Transfer Officer:
Mail completed form to: Randolph-Macon College Admissions Office; P.O. Box 5005; Ashland, VA 23005 or email
admissions@rmc.edu. Questions about the transfer of credits to R-MC? email admissions@rmc.edu or call 804.752.7305.