Integrative Learning Component (ILC) Curriculum Requirement Completion Form
Integrative learning helps students combine the benefits of the breadth and depth in their education by fostering
synthetic understanding directed toward a particular question, topic, or theme. All students are required to
complete an ILC through which they: a. Enhance their knowledge of a particular question, topic, or theme by
bringing into conversation some combination of written, visual, artistic, experiential, or laboratory based
inquiry; and b. Use two or more ways of knowing and/or theoretical approaches to cultivate a more nuanced
understanding of a particular question, topic or theme. Students may meet the ILC requirement by completing
any of the following:
1. A multifield major or a major or minor approved by the Academic Affairs Committee as meeting the
description of integrative learning above. A list of approved majors and minors are listed on the reverse side of
this page (Appendix A).
2. A semesterlong offcampus study program that has been approved by CIIS as meeting the description of
integrative learning above. See Appendix B for a discussion of the SLUapproved programs certified by the
Committee on International and Intercultural Studies as meeting the ILC learning goals for every student
completing them.
3. A cluster of 4 courses of at least one unit, each organized around a particular question, topic, or theme,
selected in consultation with the academic advisor. The 4 courses must be from at least 2 different departments
or programs and may include courses counted toward other general education requirements. The academic
advisor must approve the student’s course cluster prior to graduation.
Complete this section to confirm completion of the ILC requirement for graduation.
Signed forms should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office as soon as the ILC is completed.
Student Name (please print legibly) _____________________________________________ ID #____________________________
Student Signature ________________________________________ Class Year _____________________ Date_________________
Interdisciplinary major or minor, combined
major, or multifield major.
Semester long offcampus study program
approved for ILC credit
Off-campus program:
Cluster of 4 courses (one unit each) from at
least 2 different departments/programs
organized around a topic, question, or theme
Question, topic, or theme:
Course 1: Course 2: Course 3: Course 4:
Advisor Name (please print legibly) _________________________________
Advisor Signature_____________________________________ Date _______________________
(confirming completion of ILC)
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Appendix A: List of approved majors and minors that satisfy the ILC requirement.
Approved majors:
African StudiesHistory
African StudiesGovernment
African StudiesAnthropology
African StudiesEconomics
Asian StudiesHistory
Asian StudiesGovernment
Asian StudiesReligious Studies
Business in the Liberal Arts (2nd major only)
Canadian StudiesAnthropology
Canadian StudiesArt and Art History
Canadian StudiesEconomics
Canadian StudiesEnglish
Canadian StudiesGovernment
Canadian StudiesHistory
Canadian StudiesFrancophone Studies
Canadian StudiesReligious Studies
Canadian StudiesSociology
Conservation Biology
Approved minors:
African Studies
erican Studies
Arabic Studies
Asian Studies
Canadian Studies
Caribbean and Latin American Studies
Chinese Studies
Environmental Studies
Environmenta StudiesBiologl y
Environmenta StudiesChl emistry
Environmen Studiestal Economics
Environmental StudiesEnglish
Environmenta StudiesGeologl y
Environmental StudiesGovernment
Environmen StudiesMathematicstal
Environmental Studies
Environmenta StudiesPsychol logy
Environmental StudiesSociology
Global Studies
Internatio Economicsnal Estudios Hispánicos
Internationa Economicsl Francophone Studies
International EconomicsGerman Studies
International EconomicsMultiLanguage
European Studies
Film & Representation Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Global Studies
Native American Studies
Outdoor Studies
Peace Studies
Public Health
Appendix B: List of Offcampus programs that satisfy the ILC requirement.
Adirondack, Austria, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France (fall and Global Francophone spring), India, Japan,
Jordan, Kenya, London, New York City, Spain, Sustainability Semester, Thailand, Trinidad
The following offcampus programs do not carry ILC Credit because students’ options within their curricula make it
possible to complete them without meeting the ILC learning goals.
Australia, Canada, Denmark, Fisk, ISEP, Italy (both LDM and UGA/Cortona), London FYP, New
Zealand, Washington, DC (American University and Washington Center)
Note that students may count courses taken on these programs toward an ILC approved by their oncampus academic