Oregon Department of Justice Fund-Raising Firm Annual
Registration Form PF-10/PF-20
(Instructions on reverse)
Official Use Only
1. Name/Address of professional/commercial fund-raising firm (list all assumed business names):
2. Telephone number: E-mail or Web address:
( ) @
3. Fund-raising firm type (see instructions for definitions) :
4. Form of organization of the professional/commercial fund-raising firm:
Sole proprietorship Partnership Corporation or LLC, State: _________________
5. Fund-raising method(s) (check all that apply):
Direct Mail
6. Names and addresses of all corporate officers, if any(attach additional sheets if necessary):
Residential Address Telephone
( )
( )
7. List all persons who own a 10% or more interest in the professional/commercial fund-raising firm
(to be completed by all registrants, including sole proprietorships - attach additional sheets if necessary):
Residential Address
Ownership Interest
8. Name and relationship to fund-raising firm of person completing this registration statement:
Position in Organization:
I certify that the registrant has filed any assumed business names with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Corporation Division
and, if the registrant is a foreign corporation or limited liability company, that it has registered to do business in Oregon with
that same office if required by ORS 60.701 or 63.701.
I hereby declare that the information contained in this statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I
understand it is made for use as evidence in court or administrative proceedings and is subject to penalty for perjury.
(signature of declarant)
(print name of declarant)
Mail form and $250 registration fee to the address listed in the instructions.
Rev 4/3/18
Charitable Activities Section, Oregon Department of Justice
Fund-Raising Firm Registration Form PF-10/PF-20
General Instructions
Professional/commercial fund-raising firms must register with the
Department of Justice, Charitable Activities Section before
conducting solicitations for contributions. Solicitations without such
a registration is a class A misdemeanor.
To register, submit a completed registration form and $250 annual
registration fee. The registration form must be completed by a
responsible party with the professional/commercial fund-raising
firm. A responsible party includes a sole proprietor, partner
(partnership), or officer (corporation).
The registration shall be effective for a period of one year from the
date issued. The firm will receive a registration number and
confirmation of the date issued in writing from the Department of
Justice. The firm must submit a completed registration form and
$250 registration fee to renew its registration. To avoid a lapse in
registration, submit the renewal fee and form at least two weeks
prior to the expiration of the current registration period.
Line Instructions
1. Firm Name/Address
Enter the full name of the professional/commercial fund-raising firm.
Also list all assumed business names and all other names to be used
by solicitors. Enter the address of the principal place of business of
the firm.
2. Telephone Number/E-mail Address
Enter the telephone number of the principal place of business of the
professional/commercial fund-raising firm. If applicable, enter the
e-mail address of the firm.
3. Firm Type
Check the appropriate box indicating the type of firm. A professional
firm solicits only donations. A commercial firm sells a good or
service in connection with its request for a donation. A firm may
conduct both types of campaigns under one registration.
4. Organizational Type
Check the appropriate box indicating the type of organization for the
professional/commercial fund-raising firm.
5. Fund-Raising Method
Check the appropriate box(es) that apply to the firm’s method of
soliciting donations.
Rev. 4/3/18
. Corporate Officers
If the fund-raising firm is a corporation, enter the names of the
president and secretary, as applicable. Also enter the residential
address and telephone number for each individual listed.
7. Firm Ownership
Enter the name, residential address, and telephone number of each
individual who owns a 10% or more interest in the firm. Enter the
percentage of ownership for each individual. Attach additional sheets
if necessary.
8. Registrant
Enter the name and position in the professional fund-raising firm of
the person completing this registration form..
An authorized officer of the registrant must sign in the space
Address and Telephone Number Changes
The Department of Justice must be notified in writing of any change
in information contained in the current registration form on file. The
written notification of change must be delivered within 7 days after
the change occurs. Firms may submit a new registration form
indicating the changes, or the changes may be listed in a letter.
Where to File
Submit the completed registration form and $250 annual registration
fee to the following address:
Professional Fund-Raising Registrar
Charitable Activities Section
100 SW Market Street
Portland, Oregon 97201-5702
Make check payable to the Oregon Department of Justice.
Additional Information
For information regarding the additional responsibilities of
professional/commercial fund-raising firms, see Oregon’s Charitable
Solicitations Act (Oregon Revised Statues 128.801 to 128.898).