Instructions for Submitting on Official Personnel Folder (OPF) Request Form
How to Request Information:
To ensure prompt access, current and former employees and third parties should complete the Official Personnel Folder Request Form.
If you are requesting to view the OPF in accordance with a court proceeding, please attach a copy of the certified subpoena or court order.
If you are requesting to view the OPF pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), please attach the letter detailing the FOIA request.
Emailing and/or mailing documents is based on the discretion of DCHR. If you prefer this method, please include what documents are
Responding to Requests:
All requestors must complete the Official Personnel Folder Request Form online and send it to
Requestors will be contacted by a member of the DCHR Records Management staff if additional details are needed for your request.
DCHR Records Management will determine the sufficiency of all requests prior to disclosing any information.
Requestors should receive an acknowledgement email within 24-48 business hours. You will also receive an email to schedule a date and
time to view the OPF.
When arriving to view the OPF, the requestor should ensure that:
o They arrive at 441 4
Street NW Room 1C30N Washington, DC 20001 at the scheduled time.
o They bring a photo ID that includes their name i.e. a driver’s license or similar identification.
Specific documents pertaining to the employee may be copied during the viewing time, per the discretion of the Records Management staff.
If allowable, copies will be emailed or mailed when any required fees have been received.
Requests may be denied if the above procedures are not followed or if the information is exempt as listed below. All denials will state the
reason for denial.
Exceptions to Release of Information:
The following information may not be released in response to customer, employee, or other individual requests for information about
o Confidential Sources. Information that identifies an individual who has requested and has been expressly promised anonymity in
providing information to DCHR. This exception applies records for which DCHR is the custodian, including but not limited to the
following: pre-employment investigation records; recruiting, examining, training, and placement records; equal employment
opportunity discrimination complaint investigations and counseling records; and information relating to drug testing.
o Civil Actions. Records compiled in reasonable anticipation of a civil action or proceeding such as a lawsuit or administrative
o Law Enforcement. Records of disclosures of information to law enforcement agencies.
o Testing Material. Information within records that might compromise testing or examination materials.
o Medical Records. Medical or psychological records (including those received from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Public
Health Service, or Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs) when the medical officer determines that disclosure could have an
adverse effect on the subject individual. These records may be made available to a physician designated in writing by the
individual. In such cases, an accounting of disclosure must be filed.
o Uncirculated Supervisors’ Notes. Information about individuals in the form of uncirculated personal notes kept by District
personnel, such as employees, supervisors, counselors, or investigators, which are not circulated to other persons. If notes are
circulated, they become official records in a system of records and must be shown on request to the employee to whom they
pertain. Official evaluations, appraisals, or estimates of potential must be made available to the employee to whom they pertain.
O Government Audit Documentation. Results of district agency audits and written inquiry investigations conducted by the Office of
the Inspector General, Office of Risk Management, Mayor’s Office, or other D.C. government regulatory body.
o Exempt Systems of Records. Information contained in any system of records that is exempt from disclosure as allowed by the
Privacy Act.
Official Personnel Folder Request Form
Requestor’s Information
1. Last Name
2. First Name
3. Employee ID
4. Email Address
5. Phone
7. Mailing
8. City, State
9. Zip Code
Preferred method of communication: Email Type of Request: Review folder in-person
Phone Receive copy of documents from folder
If requesting a copy or email of documents, what documents are needed:
7. I am a/an: 8. Reason for request:
Current Employee
Official Personnel Folder
Former Employee
Obtain a copy of
Official Personnel Folder Documents
uthorized Representative for a current or former
Employee (Please attached corresponding paperwork)
documents in accordance with a
subpoena, court order, FOIA request or other
legal instrument.*
Other (please specify)
Submit document to be included in OPF.
Other (please specify)
* If your request is in conjunction with a subpoena, court order, FOIA request or other legal instrument, please attach the document and/or
accompanying documentation to this request.
Failure to do so may result in a denial of your folder request.
By initialing, I affirm that I will take appropriate measures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information and will not disclose its contents to
unauthorized persons for any reason. I fully understand that failure to do so may result in personnel action and/or monetary penalties. If at any point I
become aware that the information is released to an unauthorized source, I will inform DCHR General Counsel immediately.
Signature:_________________________________________________ Date:_______________________________
Employee Information for OPF Requesting to View
In this section, please insert the information for the employee whose records you are requesting.
9. Last Name
10. First Name, Middle Initial
11. Employee ID Number
12. Email Address
13. Phone
15. Date of Birth
16. Last 4 numbers of SSN/FNO
15. Dates of Service
If you are requesting information for more than one employee, please attach a spreadsheet, detailing the identifying information for each employee,
along with the reason for your request.
Receive email of documents
from folder