= Instructions for Receiving I-20 =
Once all the admissions steps have been completed and you have been admitted
by the Santa Ana College, International Student Program will initiate the creation of
your I-20, the process of transferring your SEVIS I-20 record from another U.S.
university, or will advise you on how to proceed with changing your status from another
visa type to an F-1.
There are three ways you may receive your admission packet and I-20:
1. Personal Pick-Up
Contact Information:
Name Phone Number
2. Regular Air Mail by USPS. This is the default shipping method for the International
Student Program at the Santa Ana College. This service usually takes 4 6
weeks for receipt of the I-20 packet.
Mailing Address:
Name Phone Number
Number Street City
State/Province Country Post
3. Express Shipping (FedEx, DHL or UPS) through eShip Global for an additional
fee. This carrier usually takes about a week and a half for the receipt of the I-20
packet. It is the only reliable method of shipment that provides accurate tracking of
your packet from the moment it leaves Santa Ana College to its arrival in your
home-country. Visit eShip Global to set up the account, and please select “Santa
Ana College” as your sender. You may select any of the available carriers
(FedEx, DHL or UPS). Once the I-20 leaves the college, you will receive an email
from eShip Global containing the tracking information for your packet.
Note: In order to obtain your physical I-20 in a timely manner, we strongly recommend
that you order Express Shipping (FedEx, DHL or UPS) through eShip Global. If you do
not place an order with eShip Global within two business days after your admission is
processed, your packet will be sent through regular airmail.
If you have any additional questions about the process of obtaining an I-20, or about
immigration-related documents in general, please contact the International Student