Thomas Edison State University will allow students to request a course extension in accordance with the following policy and procedures.
An extension of time equal to eight (8) weeks from the end of the original term may be requested by students who require additional
time to complete their course. Students must follow the procedure below to request the extension, with the exception of e-Pack®
courses, in which the mentor certification requirement does not apply. Students in e-Pack® courses who need an extension should submit
the attached Request for Course Extension form with the completed student and course information. Please remember the following
when applying for a course extension:
1. Students must have completed at least 50% of the total weight of all course work.
2. Moodle users: In the Private StudentMentor Forum, add a new discussion topic called “Extension Request,” and type “Requesting a
Course Extension” in the message field. Download the Request for Course Extension form and fill out your NAME, COURSE and
OTHER APPROPRIATE BOXES. Save the form to your computer, then post the saved form as an attachment to the forum. Please post
your request to your mentor to review at least 7 days prior to the end of the term. Submissions after week 11 will not be accepted.
Your mentor will either certify or deny the request and return the form to you by replying and attaching (to the reply) your
Request for Course Extension form with a message ofExtension Approved” or “Extension Denied.
3. If your mentor does not certify that 50 percent of the coursework has been completed, the Office of the Registrar will not approve
your course extension. Students may appeal for an extension by exception to this part of the policy. Appeals to the School that the
course belongs to must include student explanation of their extenuating circumstances and include supporting documentation.
4. Once your mentor certifies that 50 percent of the course work has been completed, you may then submit the form to the Office of
the Registrar. Your extension is not officially approved until you submit payment to the University. If you wish to pay by credit card,
follow the instructions on the form and submit the form to us EXCLUDING PAYMENT INFORMATION. You will then be sent an e-mail
within 2 days with a secure payment link to enter your credit card number to make the course extension fee payment. You may also
pay by check or money order via the U.S. mail; or, in person with cash, check or a money order. You will receive an approval via e-
mail from the University within two days of your payment. If no payment is received, your extension request will be denied. The
current cost for an extension is $231 per course. Payment is expected immediately upon receipt of the email with the payment link.
5. A request for a second extension of eight (8) weeks will be considered only in limited circumstances, such as severe illness or
medical treatment. The student should submit this request form along with appropriate supporting documentation relevant to why
they did not complete the course during the first extension and pay an additional $231 extension fee. The Dean will determine if the
second extension is warranted and notify the student of their decision and, if approved, of their new course ending date. No
additional mentor certification is required.
Please note: A percentage of your final grade in an online course is based on your participation in online discussions and, perhaps, in
group activities involving other members of the class. These asynchronous “conversations” and collaborative assignments will not
continue after the scheduled end of the original term and therefore can no longer positively affect your grade.
If you are on extension, you must call the Office of Test Administration at (609) 984-1181 two weeks prior to your desired test date or at
least two weeks prior to your extension end date to ensure that examinations are sent to your proctor when you are ready to take them.
Financial Aid and Extension Policy
Students who, in the same term, are receiving financial aid, are registered for 12 or more credits, and are granted extensions for at least
12 credits in the term, may find their financial aid for subsequent terms reduced or cancelled due to the 16 credit maximum course load
policy. Contact the Financial Aid Office at for assistance.
Students awarded the New Jersey Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG) for either the September or October terms, and who take an extension
for more than 3 credits in the respective term, will be ineligible for the TAG the following January or February terms. Contact the
Financial Aid Office at for assistance.
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Request for Course Extension
Instructions and Form
Course Extension Request Form
First Name:
Last Name:
University ID#:
Address (Street/Ave./Apt.#):
Phone Number:
Course Title:
Course Code:
Course Mentor Name:
Term Enrolled:
Click here if this request is for a second extension:
Student certification and plan for course work completion section. Does not apply for e-Pack® courses.
I certify that I have completed 50 percent of the course work for this course (required).
I will notify the mentor when course work has been submitted.
My plan to complete the remaining work is as follows (500 character max/please include dates):
MENTOR INFORMATION & CERTIFICATION (to be completed by mentor only):
This section contains certification from mentor that 50 percent of the course work has been completed (not required for second
extension requests). This does not apply for e-Pack courses. Please check appropriate box, sign where indicated and return this form
following the instructions on page 1.
Extension approved.
Extension denied.
Mentor Name
(please print)
Mentor E-Mail
PAYING BY CREDIT CARD: If you wish to pay by credit card, you may submit this form by email by first saving it to your computer,
then attaching the file to an email message to: or you may fax it to us at (609) 292-1657. Do not provide your
credit card number on the fax or the email. Upon receipt of your form in our office, we will email you a secure link where you will log in to
make payment for the extension fee. Please keep a copy of this form for reference at the time of payment for term and course
information. The appropriate current fee must be paid for the extension to be approved. Fees are subject to change.
PAYING BY CHECK: If you are paying by check, submit this completed form and check so that it is received by the Office of the
Registrar before the last day of class. You may mail it to:
Office of the Registrar
Thomas Edison State University
111 W. State St.
Trenton, NJ 08608
PAYING BY TESU FA: I have sufficient Financial Aid to pay for the course extension and authorize the Registrar’s Office to charge my
student account the extension fee. (I understand I will need to confirm this with the Office of Financial Aid before submitting the
extension form).
Please read the instructions on the first page carefully before
completing this form. Complete the shaded fields below and save
the form to your computer by choosing “File/Save As” for later
uploading, e-mailing, printing or faxing.