Instant Consulting Business
I will help clients
After hiring me, they will receive [core benefit +
secondary benefit].
I will charge $ per hour or a flat rate
of per service. This rate is fair to the
client and to me.
My basic website will contain these elements:
1. The core benefit that I provide for clients
and what qualifies me to provide it (remember
that qualifications may have nothing to do with
education or certifications)
2. At least two stories of how others have
been helped by the service (if you don’t have
paying clients yet, do the work for free with
someone you know)
There is no “consulting school” or de-
gree. You can start a new business as
a consultant in about one day, if not
Follow these two basic rules:
1. Pick something specific as op-
posed to something general. Don’t
be a “business consultant” or a “life
coach”—get specific about what you
can really do for someone.
2. No one values a $15-an-hour con-
sultant, so do not underprice your
service. Since you probably won’t
have forty hours of billable work ev-
ery week, charge at least $100 an hour
or a comparable fixed rate for the ben-
efit you provide.
3. Pricing details (always be upfront about
fees; never make potential clients write or call
to find out how much something costs)
4. How to hire me immediately (this should be
very easy)
I will find clients through (word-of-mouth, Google,
blogging, standing on the street corner, etc.).
I will have my first client on or before
Welcome to consulting! You’re now in business.