This form allows healthcare provider organisations who currently user a Local Risk Management
System (LRMS) to report to the NRLS to express their interest in becoming a DPSIMS Beta pilot
It asks questions on:
Your organisation
Your technology and IT resourcing
This information will be used to select a diverse range of sites, best placed to help us understand
the breadth of challenges and variation the new system will need to support.
We need sites of all types for this pilot phase, so there are no wrong answers. There are, however,
some requirements for participating organisations, as laid out in the accompanying Briefing Pack.
Please read this carefully before submitting your response.
If you are from a provider who does not use a LRMS, please do not complete this survey, but the
one designed for your group:
Further information about the DPSIMS project is available here:
A summary of the Alpha phase progress is available here:
And a short video about the project is available here:
Information about this survey
Expressions of Interest for DPSIMS Private Beta Sites - current LRMS-NRLS users
About your organisation
Expressions of Interest for DPSIMS Private Beta Sites - current LRMS-NRLS users
1. Please select your organisation/ODS code from the list. (If you cannot find your organisation in this list, it
is because you do not currently report to the NRLS using a LRMS. If this is the case, please complete the
alternative survey for all other organisations instead)
2. Are you interested in piloting the new PSIMS across the whole of your organisation, or in one specific
Across the whole organisation
Don't mind
In one specific site (please specify)
Email Address
Phone Number
3. Who is the main contact for this expression of interest?*
4. What type of healthcare provider are you? (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Community, Mental Health,
Pharmacy, etc)
5. Who do you provide services to?*
NHS patients only
NHS and Private patients
Private patients only
6. If necessary, would your organisation be willing to commence DPSIMS Beta Pilot work during known
periods of Winter Pressures? (The team will strive to commence the piloting in early-mid November, but this
may not be possible)
Yes, we'd prefer to start in November but would be willing to start work during December, January or February if necessary
We'd prefer to start in December - February anyway
No, we'd need to start in November, or from March onwards
7. Do you acknowledge that Board-level support will be required for this work?*
8. Do you acknowledge that participation in the DPSIMS Private Beta will require disruption to processes,
practice and systems, in order to support the iterative development of the new tools. (This may include
things like changes to the way incidents are recorded, to risk- or data-management process, and to the
systems used for collection of this information)
9. Can your organisation commit to collecting and sharing feedback on the new tools with the DPSIMS
Beta team, to aid iterative development?
About your ICT
Expressions of Interest for DPSIMS Private Beta Sites - current LRMS-NRLS users
10. What Local Risk Management solutions do you have in place in your organisation?*
Bespoke in-house system
None/offline tools only (locally held spreadsheets, paper records, whiteboards etc)
Other (please specify)
11. Do you have Business Intelligence software in use?*
Don't know
Yes (please specify)
About your engagement and influence
Expressions of Interest for DPSIMS Private Beta Sites - current LRMS-NRLS users
12. Is your organisation engaged with any NHS Improvement digital initiatives (e.g. Model Hospital,
Improvement Hub)?
I don't know
Yes (please specify)
13. Has your organisation been involved in DPSIMS work before now? (e.g. attended workshops, taken
part in user testing in Alpha, etc)
I'm not sure
Yes (please specify)
14. Is your organisation involved in any large-scale patient safety initiative (e.g. Patient Safety
I don't know
Yes (please specify)