Information Security Awareness for New Gadsden State Community College Employees
What is Information Security?
Information Security (InfoSec) is the prevention of unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption,
modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information.
Please note that InfoSec is concerned with all forms of data, not just electronic data.
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Why is Gadsden State concerned about Information Security?
Gadsden State is concerned about InfoSec because we recognize the extreme value of the data we are
entrusted with. Additionally, we recognize that the modern cyber-landscape is not a friendly place for
lax security. We also strive to adopt best practices and be the best stewards of institutional data we can
be. Lastly, adequate InfoSec policy and procedures are mandated by the federal government and is
essential for Gadsden State to keep Title IV federal financial aid.
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What type of threats is Gadsden State vulnerable to?
Internally, Gadsden State is vulnerable to threats such as unsecured work areas, unsecured portable
devices, and lax enforcement of established policies.
Externally, Gadsden State is vulnerable to threats such as cyber-attacks, malware (spyware,
ransomware, etc.), and social engineering.
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What is Social Engineering?
Social Engineering involves the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or
personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.
Social Engineering is viewed as a major threat to InfoSec at Gadsden State. To protect yourself, and
Gadsden State, from social engineering remember the following:
1. Stay aware and educate yourself. The most important step you can take is to keep yourself
educated about different types of social engineering threats. Participate in InfoSec-related
professional development and other InfoSec related presentations.
2. Determine if the person requesting information from you is authorized to have access to that
information. A common tactic is to put someone on the spot by creating a sense of urgency or
importance. Know that the ITS Helpdesk will never contact you to ask for any passwords. Also,
do not respond to any unsolicited emails asking you to update your login information. The
Gadsden State Information Technology Services department will never call, or send out an
email, asking for login information. In the rare occurrence that the College should ever have to
ask you to divulge Gadsden State credentials, it is a requirement that you must confirm the
legitimacy of the request with your direct supervisor.
3. Understand that you have a responsibility for the data you use. As a steward of GSCC data, you
are responsible for the data you handle in your day-to-day duties. You must ensure that any
data you are entrusted with remains secure.
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What do I do if there is a data breach?
Data breaches must be reported.
Any known or suspected data breach must be reported to the GSCC information security assurance
team to initiate an appropriate investigation. The preferred method is to email A response will be sent confirming receipt of the notice. During normal
business hours, the incident may alternatively be reported to the IT Help Desk by calling 256-549-8341.
It is in your best interest to report a data breach even if you are at fault. The damage from a data breach
can be mitigated much more easily if little time has passed. The longer the data has been exposed the
harder it is to determine who has accessed the data.
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What is my part in InfoSec?
1. Educate yourself and stay aware of threats to InfoSec.
2. Comply with existing policy (some relevant policies found in the employee handbook are; F-8.3
Computer Use and Internet Access, M-1.11 Sensitive Data Policy, and M-1.12 Data Breach
3. Be aware that Gadsden State is involved in an ongoing process to define and refine policies and
procedures related to Information Security. Changes to our processes may occur at any time.
Your cooperation is appreciated, and required.
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