Informal Bids Summary Sheet
3 bids/quotes are required when the value of goods/services is between $10,000 and $49,999
Attach this Summary Sheet along with bidder quotes to the requisition in eBucs.
The lowest price quote that meets specifications will be awarded the purchase order.
Name of ETSU employee who obtained these bids: ______________________________________
Bidder / Company
and Date of Contact
Contact Name, Phone,
Diversity Category*
Minority (specify)
Women owned
Disabled veteran
Other / Not a minority
Price Quote
include shipping
Bids for goods/services valued $50,000 or more must be issued by Procurement.
Ask for estimated shipping. It is included in the purchase price.
Give bidders a date and time for bids to be returned.
Provide and ask the same information to/of all bidders.
Do NOT share bidder’s information with other bidders during your bid process. After the bid process is complete and
the requisition is in eBucs, information may then be shared with the bidders.
Products should be new; not used, remanufactured or demo units. Used equipment requires approval by
Successful bidder must accept an ETSU purchase order and payment via direct deposit. ETSU payment terms are net
30. ETSU does not pre-pay or make deposits even if a discount is offered.
*Must ask each bidder for their minority category as required by the State of Tennessee Governor’s Office of
Diversity Business Enterprise.