Individualized Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) Form
Southwest Minnesota State University
Complete both pages of this form. Submit this form at least three semesters before you plan on graduating.
lease send 1 hard copy and one electronic PDF file to the Curriculum Committee Chair, and 1 hard copy to
the Academic Deans' Office.
Name Expected Degree: BA BS BAS
Date en
tered SMSU-Semester: Fall Spring Expected Graduation Date:
Title of IIM:
Programs involved with this IIM:
Courses: List all the courses that are required for completion of your major. Your major should be developed
in consultation with your advisory committee. Your advisory committee is formed by asking one faculty
member from each of the disciplines represented in your IIM major to serve on your committee. Your major
must include at least 36 credits from at least two programs. These 36 credits must contain no more than 3
credits of Independent Study courses and no more than 3 credits of internship. At least 18 credits must be at the
300 or 400 level.
Course Title
Course Title
Total Credits
Capstone Course: Course Number: Course Title: Credits:
Mustang ID:
(Revised 9/17)
Additional Requirements: List any additional requirements for your IIM. For example, certain departments may
require a minimum grade point average or a minimum grade achieved in a particular class.
or Project: Your IIM must include a scholarly or creative component developed with the help of your
advisory committee. Describe the project you will complete to meet this requirement.
Purpose: Describe the purpose of your IIM. What is the unifying theme? Why do you wish to pursue this major?
How will this major help you to achieve your career goals? Why will none of the established academic majors at
SMSU satisfy your needs?
roval: Your Individualized Interdisciplinary Major must be approved by your academic advisor, each
member of your advisory committee, each department which has courses involved in your major, the Curriculum
Committee, and the Academic Dean. Obtain the following, signatures to verify that your IIM has been approved.
Student Date Academic Advisor Date
Advisory Committee Member Date Advisory Committee Member Date
Advisory Committee Member Date Department Chair Date
Department Chair Date Department Chair Date
Curriculum Committee Chair Date Dean Date