Request for Reduction or Waiver of Indirect Costs
Liberty University
Note to the Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Director (PD): A
request for reduction or waiver of indirect costs must first be approved by the
PI/PD’s Dean and then by the Grants Administrator. Approval signatures on this form must be obtained by the PI/PD prior to finalization of the
proposals budget by the Grants Administration Office. Attach this form to the Grant Proposal Form for approval by Grants Administration.
This fillable form is designed to be completed on your computer. Use the tab key or the mouse to click on each block of information.
Applicant Information
PI’s/PD’s Name:
Phone number:
Proposal Information
Project Title:
Sponsor: Source of Funds: (select from list) Type of Project: (select from list)
Proposal Due Date:
Project Start Date:
Total Direct Costs (A) : $
Requested Indirect Costs (B): $
Full Indirect Cost Rate : 37.3 %
Requested Indirect Cost Rate: %
Justification for Waiver/Reduction Request
Facilities and Administrative Costs (indirect costs) reimbursed by an agency pay for utilities, maintenance of buildings and grounds,
administrative costs of the department, etc.
This request is for (please check):
A Full Waiver of Indirects or A Rate Reduction to %.
Please check below the reason the Institution should consider approval of this waiver/reduction request and explain how the project will
benefit from the waiver/reduction:
The indirect cost rate used is the maximum permitted by the agency’s policy
The benefit of the proposed project to the Institution, in terms of institutional capacity building, outweights the loss of indirect cost
The project requires significant institutional cost-sharing that cannot be fully met by other sources.
The project carries a maximum allowable total cost. Assessment of the full indirect cost rate would reduce the amount of funds
available for project implementation to such an extent that the scope of work or deliverable could not be accomplished
Justification for reduction or waiver/reduction and how the project will benefit from the waiver:
IV. Signatures
V. Action
Approved: No Yes
PI/PD’s Signature Date
Dean’s Signature Date
For Grants Administration Use Only
Approved at indirect cost rate of ___________%.
Indirect Cost Rate Waived
Approved with Conditions
Approved: No Yes
_______________________ _______
Grants Administrator Date