Independent Study Application Form
(A fully executed application must accompany the registration materials for the course)
Proposal: In an attachment with this form, the student must submit a detailed proposal for an
independent study course. The proposal must include the following sections:
1. Learning Objectives of the course what are the specific and measurable outcomes
the student hopes to accomplish with the completion of the course?
2. Integration how does the course conform to and support the goals of the School of
Ministry, and the particular degree program in which the student is enrolled? How
does the course reflect the theological and pastoral interests of the student?
3. Methodology how does the student propose to proceed during the semester in
pursuit of these learning outcomes?
a. What are the primary components of the process of the course?
b. What it the final “product” which the student will submit for evaluation?
c. If the proposal includes the completion of a pastoral project supervised by a
mentor other than the professor or record, include name, title, and all contact
information of the proposed mentor.
4. Schedule what are the time markers by which the student and professor can judge
appropriate progress toward the objectives of the course?
5. Evaluation by what specific norms will the student and the professor determine the
degree of success of the course work?
By my signature on the line below, I hereby affirm that the information given in this application is true to the
best of my knowledge. I also agree to the terms and conditions of the School of Ministry regarding this form.
Advisor Signature:
Mentor Signature (where applicable):
Dean/Delegate Signature:
1845 E. Northgate Irving, Texas 75062-4736
(972) 265-5814 Toll-free (888) 447.4777 Fax (972) 721-4076
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