Incomplete (I) Grade Agreement
According to University Policy, a grade of Incomplete (I) is to be assigned “when a student, because of illness or
other cogent reasons, is unable to complete the requirements of the course.” A student wishing to be considered
for an I grade in a course must contact the instructor before the end of the semester, indicating the reason(s)
for the request. The instructor must then complete this form, and send it to the Office of the Registrar by the
deadline for submission of final grades.
1. (a)
Student’s Name:
(b) Student’s SUNY Fredonia ID:
(c) Semester:
(d) Course Subject Code and Course Number(e.g., MATH 210-01):
(e) Course Title:
(f) Instructor’s Name:
The requirements for the course must be completed before the end of the next regular semester, or by an earlier
date set by the instructor; otherwise, an I becomes an F (or the grade indicated in 4 below) on the student’s
permanent record. Once the work for the course has been completed and received by the instructor, the
instructor will submit the student’s grade for the
course to the Office of the Registrar.
2. Date by which the course work must be completed:
3. List
the course work to be completed:
4. Grade student would receive if no additional course work were completed:
5. Instructor Signature:
6. Once this
form has been completed, it must be sent by the instructor via their Fredonia email
address to the Registrar's Office at The instructor must copy the
student. The Incomplete Grade will not be entered unless the student is copied in the email