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Student Financial Services
2020-2021 Academic Year
Income and Expense Worksheet - dependent Student
The income reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) does not give our office
a clear picture of how expenses were met for the 2018 calendar year. Please complete this form to
allow SFS to more accurately evaluate and expedite the processing of your financial aid.
Parent must complete this form in its entirety, and handwrite signature on the signature line. Incomplete
answers will further delay the processing of your application. A handwritten parent signature is the only
acceptable signature.
Please submit this document via email, fax, or postal mail. Contact information is listed above.
Student Information
(For any category in which you had no expense please record “0”.)
2018 Parent Expense Type
Monthly Expense Amount
Rent/Mortgage* $
Utilities (electric, water, gas, etc.) $
Telephone/Cell Phone $
Medical/Dental Insurance $
Car Payment $
Car Insurance $
Food/Groceries $
Transportation (fuel, bus, train, etc.) $
Clothing $
Child Support Paid $
Other (please explain) $
Total Monthly Expenses
X 12 = Total Yearly Expenses
*If Rent/Mortgage is 0, please explain:
Student Name UDID
(For any category in which you had no income or resource, please record “0”.)
2018 Parent Income/Resource Type
Monthly Income/Resource Amount
Income from Work (gross amount) $
Business Income $
Unemployment Compensation $
Social Security Benefit $
Child Support Received $
Worker’s Compensation $
Disability Benefits $
Alimony $
Welfare, AFDC, TANF $
Housing Assistance $
Food Stamps (SNAP) $
Cash Assistance (from family and/or friends) $
In-Kind Support (bills paid on your behalf by someone else, but
not considered a loan)
Total Monthly Income/Resources
X 12 = Total Yearly Income/Resources
Explanation of Situation (REQUIRED)
Please explain your situation. Include as much detail as possible about how your family covered housing, utilities, and
other living expenses for calendar year 2018. An explanation is also required if few or no expenses were listed. If you
used savings, lines of credit, etc, to meet your expenses, attach 3 consecutive monthly statements from those accounts.
I certify that all information reported is complete and accurate to the best of my ability. I understand that any false
statement or misrepresentation may be cause for reduction and/or repayment of federal, state, or institutional financial
aid. I also agree to provide additional documentation for the information provided on this form, if requested by Student
Financial Services.
Parent Signature