Revised: 6-2020
Scholarship Application Form
In an effort to support local communities, Brandman University has established scholarship programs
with several businesses and professional organizations. Serving to enrich employee workforce
development efforts, scholarship programs will provide support for those students who are designated
by partnership organizations for participation.
To be eligible for the scholarship, students must satisfy the following criteria:
Must achieve formal admission status with Brandman University
Must be an employee of a participating Scholarship Partner of Brandman University and start
during the term of the partnership agreement.
If you are applying to the Corporate Partner Spouse or Dependent Scholarship, you are required
to submit the Employee and Relationship verification.
Dependent scholarship students are eligible until the end of the session, in which they attain
his/her 26th birthday.
The scholarship amount is based on the award level stated in the partnership agreement at the
time of enrollment. Partnership terms and scholarship rates are subject to change
Stop-outs maintain their current scholarship if they return prior to the end of two years.
However, if a student misses 12 consecutive sessions, they are required to reapply for admission
and any currently available scholarships (except the Doctorate in Education which must
maintain continuous enrollment)
Continue to make satisfactory academic progress
Remain in good academic and financial standing in accordance with the University’s existing
Submit the scholarship application no later than one session after you become eligible for the
scholarship in a qualified academic program
Scholarships will be applied to the current active session/trimester based on date of receipt of
the scholarship application and cannot be applied retroactively
If a student is eligible for more than one scholarship, the scholarship of highest value will be
awarded. If qualified, employees of the Chapman University System and their families may
receive scholarship awards when they have fully utilized their annual tuition remission benefits
All students may supplement their scholarships by applying for federal and state financial
assistance at any time during their enrollment at Brandman University
Application Procedures:
Complete the Brandman University Online Application
Complete and submit this Scholarship Application Form
Achieve formal admission status with Brandman University
Attached to this form, in a PDF format, CURRENT Employment, Relationship or Organizational
Membership verification(s)
Or send your verification(s) to the Office of Admission by faxing to: 866-659-1143, emailing to as attachments or mailed to ATTN: Office of Admission, 16355
Laguna Canyon Rd., Irvine, CA 92618
NOTE: Scholarships are awarded based on a percentage rate of the tuition and will increase as tuition
increases. Brandman University reserves the right to change tuition and fee rates without notice.
Revised: 6-2020
Scholarship Application Form
Student ID:
Last First
Date of Birth: Phone:
ail Address: Campus:
Email correspondence will be sent to Brandman University student email address
gram Level:
gram Description:
Type of Scholarship
anization or Institution Affiliation:
If ap
plying to the Corporate Partner Spouse/Dependent scholarship, please list the Eligible Employee
name and the Partnership Organization name, city and state
Employee Name:
anization Name:
City: State:
submitting the Scholarship Application, I certify that I am the individual identified on this form and I
read the above requirements to be eligible for the scholarship. I authorize the Office of Admission to
process this application after they have received the required verification(s). I acknowledge that the
information is true and correct.
nature: Date:
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