Vision Examination
Contact Lenses
LASIK Surgery
Additional Discounts
Group Details
Benefit Frequency
Progressive Lenses
Are discounted up to 20% off retail in
addition to a $50 allowance
Lens Options, Non-Covered Items
and Additional Purchases
Are discounted up to 20% off retail
Specialty Lenses
Are discounted up to 20% off retail in addition
to the corresponding standard lens allowance
LASIK Surgery
5% - 25% off retail
In-Network Benefits
Ask your vision care provider about
the premium No-Glare lens
Vision Exam
Spectacle Lenses
Contact Lenses
Effective Date:
Group Number:
Plan #:
Vision Examination
Standard Single Vision
Standard Bifocal
Standard Trifocal
Standard Lenticular
Specialty Lenses
Contact Lenses (Elective)
Contact Lenses (Med. Necessary)
LASIK Surgery
Corresponding Standard
Lens Reimbursement
Up to:
Your vision exam is covered in full after a co-pay.
Medically necessary contact lenses are covered in full (prior authorization is required)
Your vision health is an important part of complete wellness. Avesis is pleased to
present your vision benefits which are designed to give you and your covered family
members the care, value and service to help maintain good vision and overall health.
Presbyterian College
12 Months
12 Months
12 Months
24 Months
In lieu of frames and spectacle lenses, members receive an
allowance up to $110 for materials and fit and follow-up exam
Employee Paid Rates Per Month
Providers typically charge between
$75 - $100* for frames covered in full
by your plan allowance.
Standard lenses are covered in full.
Providers typically charge between
$60 - $120* for standard lenses.
Employee Only
Employee + One
Employee + Family
Members receive a one-time/lifetime allowance of $100
Values provided may be more or less depending on the
providers retail pricing.
Provider wholesale frame pricing for your plan is $35.
Participating Wal-Mart locations cover frames up to a
$52 retail value.
Underwritten by: Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, Kansas City, MO Policy #: VC-16, Form M-9059
Limitations and Exclusions
Some provisions, benefits, exclusions or limitations listed
herein may vary depending on your state of residence.
Limitations: This plan is designed to cover eye examinations
and corrective eyewear. It is also designed to cover visual
needs rather than cosmetic options. Should the member select
options that are not covered under the plan, as shown in the
schedule of benefits, the member will pay a discounted fee to
the participating Avesis provider. Benefits are payable only for
services received while the group and individual member’s
coverage is in force.
Exclusions: There are no benefits under the plan for
professional services or materials connected with and arising
from: 1) Orthoptics of vision training; 2) Subnormal vision aids
and any supplemental testing; 3) Plano (non-prescription)
lenses, sunglasses; 4) Two pair of glasses in lieu of bifocal
lenses; 5) Any medical or surgical treatment of eye or support
structures; 6) Replacement of lost or broken lenses, contact
lenses or frames, except when the member is normally eligible
for services; 7) Any eye examination or corrective eyewear
required by an employer as a condition of employment;
8) Services or materials provided as a result of Workers
Compensation Law, or similar legislation, required by any
governmental agency whether Federal, State or
subdivision thereof.
Notes and Disclaimers
Notes and Disclaimers: Dilation is covered in full based on
the following conditions: central vision loss, photopsia, floaters,
history of ocular surgery, history of ocular trauma, history of
ocular disease high myopia or diabetes. If the following
conditions do not apply, members will receive Avesis'
Preferred Pricing (20% off retail).
The contact lens allowance may be used all at once or
throughout the plan year as needed or may be applied toward
contact lenses only, or both contact lenses and professional
services (fitting fees).
Laser vision correction is considered Refractive Surgery, an
elective procedure, and may involve potential risks to
patients. Avesis is not responsible for the outcome of any
refractive surgery.
Only one co-pay applies to either frame or lenses.
Termination Provisions: Coverage will end on the earliest of:
the date the policy ends, the date the employee’s employment
ends, or the date the employee is no longer eligible.
Insured benefits are administered by Avesis Third Party Administrators, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Important Information
Avesis Website:
Customer Service Number: 1-800-828-9341
LASIK Provider Number: 1-888-314-4619
Using Out-Of-Network Providers
Members who elect to use an out-of-network
provider must pay the provider in full at the time
of service and submit a claim to Avesis for
reimbursement. Reimbursement levels are in
accordance with the out-of-network reimbursement
schedule previously listed. Out-of-network benefits
are subject to the same eligibility, availability,
frequency of benefits, and limitation and exclusion
provisions of the plan; and are in lieu of services
provided by a participating Avesis provider.
Out-of-network claim forms can be obtained by
contacting Avesis’ Customer Service Center, your
group administrator or by visiting
Using your Vision Benefit
When you need to see an eye care
professional, simply visit or
contact Avesis’ Customer Service Monday
through Friday, 7AM to 8PM (EST) at
1-800-828-9341 to receive a listing of
providers in your area.
Select a provider
Visit provider
for service
Pay any co-pays
or additional
provider for an
Your Avesis Vision Plan
9/11 - 015