Traffic Engineering Division
700 Allens Ave., Providence, RI, 02905
Phone: 401-781-4045 Fax: 401-781-4044
Application for Overnight Resident Permit Parking
All completed permit applications can be brought to:
Traffic Engineering - 700 Allens Avenue or Providence Municipal Court - 325 Washington St.
Please bring your vehicle registration with you and proof of residency
when applying for your permit. Acceptable forms of proof include:
Mortgage, rental agreement, and utility bill.
Resident Annual Permit - $100.00 Providence Registered Vehicle
$200.00 out of City Registered Vehicle
Guest Pass - $25.00 valid only 5 times per month for 1 year and available to permit
holders only
icant Information
Address:_________________________________ Unit #: _____ Police District: _______
Zip Code: ______________________ Phone (Home):____________________________
Email:________________________________________ Phone (Cell): _________________________
Vehicle Information
Make:__________________ Model:________________________ Color:____________
Year:___________________ License Plate:__________________ State:_____________
The following questions must be answered:
1). Do you have any unpaid parking tickets/violations with the City of Providence? Y / N
2). Please indicate what type of structure/building you reside in:
Single Family Home
Multi-Family: Number of units in building ______
Condominium: Number of units in building ____ Number of units in complex ______
Office Use Only: Payment made by: (Circle one) M/O Credit Card Check Cash (only at Court)
Proof of Residency Provided:______________________________________
Municipal Court - Public Safety Complex,
325 Washington Street, Providence, RI, 02903
Phone: 401-781-4045 Fax: 401-781-4044