Updated November 2018
State of Arizona
Peace Officer Standards and Training Board
Arizona Agency Self Service Center Access
Removal or Change
If a situation requires emergency removal of access to the system, contact AZPOST at
Completed forms can be e-mailed to: ithelp@azpost.gov
Total removal of access? YES NO
Change in the systems the person can access? YES NO
For which agency? ___________________________________
For changes only: Indicate below what systems the person SHOULD be allowed access to:
Appointment Reports
Instructor Reports
Agency Defined Groups
Agency Defined Codes
Course Manager
Class Manager Rosters
Individual Records
Instructor Reports
Training Reports
A1 Form
TM Form
SC Form
E-Forms History
Generate a submission
Pickup a report
Register for training classes
View class lottery results
Do you wish to include access to the Non-Appointed Persons Data Manager Tool?
Who is the person that this change is for?
Last Name: __________________________ First Name: __________________________
E-Mail Address: ______________________ Phone Number: _______________________
Rank / Title: _________________________ Agency ID / Badge Number: ______________
Updated November 2018
Important notice regarding your agency’s participation in the ASSC System.
Terms and conditions of use:
1. Agencies participate in the ASSC System at their own risk. Agencies are highly
encouraged to maintain separate backups of data in other formats.
2. AZPOST is not responsible for the actions of persons granted access to the system by an
3. AZPOST may at any time conduct investigations into the use of the system to ensure the
integrity of the system; this may include real time monitoring of user activity.
4. AZPOST may at any time revoke a user’s or agency’s access to the system.
5. AZPOST performs daily backups of data for total system recovery only. Loss of
information caused by the actions of users, such as the deletion of individual records or
forms cannot be recovered.
6. In the event of a catastrophic data loss, AZPOST will recover data to a point which may
result in a loss of information that was added / updated / removed to / from the system
during the time period from the completion of the backup to the time of loss.
7. AZPOST is obligated under the law to provide redacted information contained in the
system to requesting members of the public without notice to your agency.
8. If an agency chooses to no longer participate in the ASSC System, AZPOST will provide to
that agency their data in a DOS standard delimited text file.
9. Agencies must be aware that state law may be applicable to the retention of
information put into the ASSC System, and AZPOST will comply with applicable laws
regardless of your agency’s policies regarding record retention.
10. The agency shall notify AZPOST within 72 hours if the person listed on this form is no
longer under the employ of the agency, or otherwise needs to have access to the system
11. The signature of the Requestor is required for this form to be valid.
Printed name of Requestor: ___________________________________
Title of Requestor: ___________________________________
Signature of Requestor: ___________________________________
My signature above is my indication that I have read, and understand the Terms and Conditions
of Use.
Date: ___________________________________
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