Updated 11/03/15
Student Responsibilities While On Assignment:
Student is expected to participate in an Organization orientation, including the processes and techniques for maintaining
the safety of the workplace.
Student is expected to abide by all rules and regulations established by the worksite supervisor, as well as the
Organization’s policies and procedures.
Student is expected to be in attendance at the worksite whenever scheduled to work. If the student must be absent due
to illness or family emergency, the student is required to report the needed absence to the site supervisor as soon as
possible. Further, the student must report the absence to the Faculty Internship Advisor, if required by that department.
Students are also expected to be "on-time" for work and prompt in completing assigned tasks.
Student will not borrow or "burn" copies of company/agency software, CD's, or any resource materials without
documented permission of the site supervisor. Further any student involved with the taking or using of any
hardware/software/resource without express permission from the company/agency will be removed from the program.
Student is responsible for reporting to the Faculty Internship Advisor or UNG Career Services Internship Coordinator the
reassignment of tasks which differ significantly from the agreed-upon duties and responsibilities, outlined on the signed
Internship Work Agreement form.
Student agrees to have sufficient health, accident, disability, and hospitalization insurance to cover him/her during the
Student understands that if s/he is using personal vehicle when traveling to/from internship or for the benefit of the
Organization, UNG has no liability for personal injury or property damage which may result from its use. Student agrees
to rely solely on personal vehicle insurance or insurance provided by internship coverage, if applicable.
Student understands that UNG assumes no responsibility for personal injury which may be suffered during the course of
the internship.
Student agrees to contact the Career Services Internship Coordinator should issues of sexual harassment or other
grievance-related issues arise.
Student will not file for Unemployment Compensation benefits upon the completion of the work term.
Organization Responsibilities:
The Organization will designate a site supervisor to oversee the duties and responsibilities of the intern/cooperative
education student. The site supervisor will be responsible for conveying the Organization’s expectations to the student.
The Organization is expected to provide the student with an orientation to the Organization’s policies and procedures,
including safety rules and regulations.
No student may be asked / allowed to use any computer program or software in which the Organization does not hold a
license for use.
The site supervisor or Organization representative will report any incident of inappropriate behavior, continued safety
violation, excessive absences, violations of software/hardware, or other grievance-related issues to the Faculty
Internship Advisor or the UNG Career Services Internship Coordinator so that appropriate action may be taken.
The site supervisor agrees to complete a Student Evaluation of Performance form sent to the Organization each work
term, and return the completed evaluation in a timely manner.
The site supervisor and the Organization will obey all local, state, and federal laws and will waive all claims against the
student(s), the University of North Georgia, and its faculty, staff and administrators.
Employees and agents of the Organization will not harass or discriminate against a student. Should a complaint of
harassment be made against an Organization, UNG will investigate the complaint immediately and reserves the right to
disallow any future participation in any activities sponsored by UNG.
Instructions for Completing the Student Internship/Co-op Learning Agreement:
The form may be filled out by typing your information into each form field area (gray shaded areas).
Please complete ALL sections before requesting signatures from each party.
If the internship will be completed out-of-state (other than Georgia), the Faculty Internship Instructor of Record MUST
notify the Distance Education & Technology Integration (DETI) office in order for UNG to be in compliance with state
authorization laws. DETI staff may be reached at 706-867-2520 or deti@ung.edu
If the internship will be completed abroad (internationally), you MUST meet with a representative from the Center for
Global Engagement (CGE) and obtain their signature on this form. The Dahlonega CGE office may be reached at 706-
867-2858 and is located in Price Memorial 218. The Gainesville CGE office may be reached at 678-717-3950 and is
located in Strickland 179.
Completed Internship Agreement Forms MUST be submitted to the Office of Career Services no later than the last day
of Add/Drop for each semester.
For questions, or if you need this document in another format, please contact the appropriate office:
Career Services-Dahlonega: 706-864-1951 or careerservices-dah@ung.edu
Career Services-Gainesville: 678-717-3964 or careerservices-gvl@ung.edu
Internship/Co-op Learning Agreement Form
Please complete ALL sections
Student Information:
Student Name:
Student ID:
Class Status: Sophomore Junior Senior
Street Address:
Is this an: Internship or Co-op
Phone Number:
Semester to Intern: Fall Spring Summer
Internship Course Number:
Number of Credit Hours:
Is this an international internship? Yes No
Internship Site Information:
Organization Name:
Internship Worksite Address :
City: State:
Site Supervisor Name: Phone Number:
This internship is: Unpaid Paid -- Amount per hour: $
Faculty Internship Instructor of Record Information:
Faculty Internship Advisor Name:
Office Phone Number:
Student’s Duties and Responsibilities While on the Worksite:
*attach separate page if extra space is needed
As an outcome of participating in this program and performing the above duties/responsibilities, what are your expected
learning outcomes?
When appropriate, the faculty of a sponsoring department reserves the right to set additional requirements in conjunction with this worksite program,
such as additional readings, journals, written assignments, etc. It is the responsibility of the student to meet with a designated faculty member to
determine policies, procedures, assignments, and evaluative measures, if any.
NOTE: Affixing your signature below indicates you have reviewed the Student and Organization Statement of responsibilities, the information
is above is correct and you agree to adhere to these terms.
Student: ___________________________________________________________________ Date: __________
Site Supervisor: _____________________________________________________________ Date: __________
Faculty Internship Instructor of Record: ___________________________________________ Date: __________ DETI notified (if out-of-state)
Center for Global Engagement: _________________________________________________ Date: __________ *only for international internships