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Fill out the International Search Request form with all required information.
Submit the International Search Request form, physically signed FCRA compliant authorization and any
additional required documentation via email (International@intellicorp.net
) or fax (216-450-5233).
Once received the International Team will process your request and send a submission email with your ETA
within eight business hours.
We attempt to collect known search requirements at the time of submission. If there is any additional
documentation or information needed you will be notified by email.
When the search is completed a report will be sent to you via email.
A physically signed FCRA compliant release/authorization.
o Electronic signatures are not acceptable.
o Must have printed name below signature.
o Must be dated.
Subjects name in their country specific characters.
Copy of subjects Marks and Degree are required for all education verifications
Additional helpful documents are:
o Copy of Photo ID
o Copy of Passport
o Copy of Experience Letter & Copy of Relieving Letter (for employment verification only)
If you are unsure what information or documents are required for the search you are submitting, please
see our International Search Requirements located on our website under Perform a Search > State Menu.
Do not send forms externally to candidates to complete. Forms are intended to be filled out by clients only.
Account information is proprietary and not intended for subject use.
Forms are intended for one search only.
o If you would like to submit more than one address, degree, employer for the subject another form
will need to be submitted even if it was at the same country or school.
The Permissible Purpose listed on the authorization is the purpose we will be submitting for each search.
We are unable to submit searches under a different purpose than what the authorization reflects.
All emails sent from IntelliCorp with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) are encrypted.
International searches are intended for subjects currently living/working in the US that may have lived or
worked abroad in their past.
Country/Location to Search: International country you would like to be searched.
Government ID: Most countries assign unique government identification numbers to their citizens. Foreign
residents may also be given similar IDs.
For Education:
o Type of Award: Lists of awards are: Certificate, Degree, Designation, and Diploma.
For Employment:
o The Supervisors Name is not required for an Employment Verification however if the employer
does not respond to our requests, does not give out employment information, or is no longer in
business; the supervisors information may be used to complete the verification.
If you have any questions regarding the above instructions, please contact our Client Services at 888-946-8355
or customerservice@intellicorp.net
and they will be happy to assist you.
3000 Auburn Drive, Suite 410 Beachwood, OH 44122 | P: 216.450.5200 | F: 216.450.5201 | www.intellicorp.net
For client use only. Not intended to be completed by candidates. Bold fields are
Please complete the below form and email to International@intellicorp.net or fax to 216-450-5233.
Requestor Account Information:
Forms only accepted from active account authorized users.
Only active users on account should be completing forms. Do not send forms to candidates to complete.
Company Name: ____________________________________
Account ID: _____________________
Contact Name: __________________________________
User ID: ________________________
Contact Email: _________________________________
Client End User Location: _______________
Permissible Purpose: Searches are processed using the purpose provided in authorization.
Subject Information:
Full and Precise Name:
First Name
Middle Name/Middle Initial
Date of Birth: ____________________ (MM/DD/YYYY)
Government ID: ________________________
China Resident ID Card #: ______________________
(Not SSN Required for Citizen search)
(Req’d for China Searches; 15-18 numerical digits or the letter ‘X’)
Passport #: ____________________________
Country of origin: ___________________________
Mother’s Maiden Name: ________________________
Father’s Full Name: _________________________
Subject’s full current resident address: ____________________________________________
City: _______________________
State: ______________________
Postal Code: ____________
Criminal Search Information: 1 Location/Search per form
International Country/Location to search: ____________________________________________________
Is/was subject a Citizen of Country?
Yes (Gov’t ID must be provided)
No (Passport # must be provided)
(International Country being searched above)
International Specific Address: ____________________________________________________________
(Note: We cannot accept P.O. Boxes)
City: _______________________
State/Province: ____________________
Postal Code: _________
Country: ______________________
Years at Residence: _______________________
Subject’s Name in Country’s language:
First Name
Middle Name/Middle Initial
Last Name
The University of Toledo, College of Graduate Studies
Elaine Coopshaw