THIS INTERCONNECTION AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made and entered into
this _________ day of ____________, 20__, by and between Columbiana Electric
Department (Utility), and ____________________________ (“Customer”.)
Customer is installing, or has installed, inverter-based Customer-generator facilities and
associated equipment (“Generation Facilities”) to interconnect and operate in parallel
with Utility’s electric distribution system, which Generation Facilities are more fully
described as follows:
Location: ___________________________________________________
Type of facility: Solar Wind Other _______________________
Inverter Power Rating: ______________
Inverter Manufacturer and Model Number: _________________________
Description of electrical installation of the Generation Facilities, including
any field adjustable voltage and frequency settings:
As shown on a single line diagram attached hereto as “Exhibit
A” and incorporated herein by this reference; or
Described as follows: _________________________________
Customer represents and agrees that the Generation Facilities are, or will be prior to
operation, certified as complying with:
(i) The requirements of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
(“IEEE”) Standard 1547-2003, “Standard for Interconnecting Distributed
Resources with Electric Power Systems”, as amended and supplemented
as of the date of this Agreement, which standard is incorporated herein by
this reference (“IEEE Standard 1547-2003”); or
(ii) The requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”) Standard 1741
Concerning Inverters, Converters and Controllers for Use in Independent
Power Systems, as amended and supplemented as of the date of this
Agreement, which standard is incorporated herein by this reference.
Customer further represents and agrees that:
(i) The Generation Facilities are, or will be prior to operation, designed and
installed to meet all applicable requirements of IEEE Standard 1547-2003,
the National Electrical Code and local building codes, all as in effect on
the date of this Agreement; and
(ii) The voltage and frequency settings for the Generation Facilities are fixed
or, if field adjustable, are as stated above.
Customer agrees to maintain reasonable amounts of insurance sufficient to meet its
construction, operating and liability responsibilities associated with the generator
installation. Customer agrees to provide Company from time to time with proof of such
insurance upon Utility’s request.
With respect to the Generation Facilities and their interconnection to Utility’s electric
system, Utility and Customer, whichever is applicable, (the “Indemnifying Party”) to the
extent permitted by law shall indemnify and hold the other harmless from and against all
claims, liability, damages and expenses, including attorney’s fees, based on any injury to
any person, including the loss of life, or damage to any property, including the loss of use
thereof, arising out of, resulted from, or connected with, an act or omission by the
Indemnifying Party, its employees, agents, representatives, successors or assigns in the
construction, ownership, operation or maintenance of the Indemnifying Party’s facilities.
Utility agrees to allow Customer to interconnect and operate the Generation Facilities in
parallel with Utility’s electric system in accordance with the provisions of Utility Rate IS
Interconnection Service, which provisions are incorporated herein by this reference.
Customer’s use of the Generation Facilities is subject to the rules and regulations of
Utility, including Utility’s Service Regulations and Utility’s Rate SPP Small Power
Production, as contained in Utility’s Retail Electric Tariffs, as the same may be revised
from time to time.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Customer and Utility have executed this Agreement, effective
as of the date first above written.
By: __________________________ By: ________________________________
Printed Name: __________________ Printed Name: _______________________
Title: _________________________ Title: _______________________________
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