Revised December 2019
Pursuant to 27 N.C.A.C. Chapter 1D, Rules .0902 and .0904 of the NC State Bar Rules, petitions for
reinstatement from inactive status or administrative suspension (for failure to fulfill membership or CLE
requirements) must be reviewed by the Administrative Committee and approved by the NC State Bar
Council. The committee and the council meet quarterly in January, April, July, and October. The dates of
the meetings are posted on the home page of the NC State Bar website.
1. Print or type the petition. Complete, date, and sign the petition before a notary.
2. Pay the appropriate reinstatement fee:
$125.00 if inactive (payable to the NC State Bar)
$125.00 if suspended for failure to pay membership fees (payable to the NC State Bar)
$250.00 if suspended for failure to complete CLE requirements (payable to the NC Board of CLE)
3. Pay the membership fees for the year you are reinstating ($325.00 for 2020) payable to the NC State
Bar). Note: Pursuant to 27 N.C.A.C. Chapter 1A, Rule .0202 (c), membership fees cannot be prorated.
If suspended, pay any other membership, CLE or grievance fees you may owe. Contact the appropriate
department to obtain this information (919) 828-4620.
4. Complete any deferred CLE hours if inactive or any CLE hourly deficit owed at the time of suspension.
Contact the CLE department at (919) 733-0123 for questions regarding your CLE requirements.
5. Mail the petition and any supporting documentation to:
NC State Bar
Membership Department
PO Box 26088
Raleigh, NC 27611
Or Physical Address:
NC State Bar
Membership Department
217 E. Edenton Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
Submit the petition at least 30 days prior to the quarterly meeting of the State Bar Council at which
you are requesting the Council to take action on the petition. If your petition is received 30 days
prior to the meeting you will receive confirmation (if you list an e-mail address on your petition
you may receive correspondence via e-mail) that your petition was received by the NC State Bar.
Please contact the Membership Department at (919) 828-4620, if you do not receive confirmation.
(Short Form)
For Lawyers Who Have Been Inactive or Suspended For 12 Months or Less
All responses are to be based on your knowledge, unless your response is expressly qualified to show
another source of your information. Answer all questions. If the space for any answer is insufficient or an
explanatory statement is required, complete your answer on a separate sheet and attach it to the petition.
Review the instruction page (attached to this petition) prior to submitting your petition to ascertain
that you have met all requirements for reinstatement. PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT YOUR
Petitioner’s Questionnaire and Affidavit
1. State:
(a) Full name ____________________________________________________________________
(b) Current mailing address:
Street _______________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________ State _______________ Zip _________________
(c) Telephone numbers: Work ______________________________________________________
Home ________________________________ Mobile ________________________________
(d) E-Mail Address ________________________________________________________________
(Please check your e-mail for correspondence concerning your reinstatement petition.)
(e) Have you ever been known by any other name or surname (include any name prior to marriage)?
________ If so, list all other names and the dates and locations where such names were used.
(f) Date of birth _________________ Birthplace ____________________________ Age ________
(g) Are you licensed to practice law in another state(s)? If so, what state(s) and what is your current
status in that state:
ID # __________ License date ____________ CLE ARF owed _________________ Filed ___
Date inactive / suspended ________________ CLE fees owed ___________________ Pd. ___
CLE hours Sub. Ab. Ethics General
Reinstatement fee owed __________ Pd. ___
Membership fees owed ___________ Pd. ___
JD dues owed __________________ Pd. ___
Other matters pending __________________
2. During the time you were inactive or suspended, indicate whether you were: (You must answer YES
or NO to each question below)
(a) Engaged in the practice of N.C. law after the 30 day wind-down period or anytime while the
suspension or inactive status was in effect _____
(b) Disciplined by a professional licensing organization _____
(c) Have any disciplinary complaints, investigations or actions pending before a professional licensing
organization _____
(d) Disciplined (including criminal or civil contempt) by a tribunal _____
(e) Convicted of a violation of law (excluding infractions in which appearance may be waived by
paying a fine) _____
(f) Failed to file and/or pay your state or federal taxes on time ____
(g) Declared legally incompetent _____
(h) Impaired
from a mental health disorder _____
(i) Impaired from the use of alcohol or drugs _____
(including any court order or order of discipline) AND AN EXPLANATORY STATEMENT
3. State the reason you desire readmission to the North Carolina State Bar and provide an explanation of
your anticipated employment.
4. Is there any reason why your resumption of the practice of law may be detrimental to the integrity and
standing of the Bar, or subversive of the administration of justice or the public interest? _______
If your answer is YES, provide an explanation including a description of any relevant conduct.
By executing this petition, you acknowledge that you have answered each question truthfully and
___________________________________________________ _____________________________
Signature Date
Sworn to and subscribed before me this
______ day of ____________, ________.
Notary Public
My commission expires: _____________
“Impaired” or “impairment” means limited in your ability to carry on any life activities to an extent that would have
adversely affected your ability to practice law. The ability to practice law requires, among other attributes, an
accurate perception of reality, honesty, and the capacity to comprehend facts and circumstances, to reason logically, to
communicate, to recognize and appropriately resolve ethical dilemmas, and to perform legal tasks in a timely manner.
Authorization and Consent to Release Information
I hereby consent to the disclosure of any information relating to any grievance filed against me
with the Grievance Committee of the North Carolina State Bar and authorize the release of any
information relating thereto to the Administrative Committee of the North Carolina State Bar for
the purpose of evaluating this petition for reinstatement.
I understand that I may revoke this consent to release information in writing at any time, except to
the extent that action has been taken in reliance thereon. I agree that the Administrative Committee
of the North Carolina State Bar will be notified upon any revocation of this release.
Signature Date