The petition must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Paralegal Certification (the
“board”). The board meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November of each year.
Instructions for Completing and Filing Petition
1. Print or type the petition. Complete, date, and sign the petition to acknowledge that you
have read and understand the statements on the petition.
2. The petition must be postmarked on or before your current renewal date to avoid
lapse of your certification. You may not petition the board for inactive status after your
renewal date or after your certification has lapsed.
3. Mail the petition to:
NC State Bar Board of Paralegal Certification
P.O. Box 25908
Raleigh, NC 27611
Keep a copy of your petition for your records.
4. Following the board meeting at which your petition is reviewed, you will receive
notification informing you if your request for inactive status has been approved by the
board via email (or mail) to the address in our records.
Effect of Inactive Status
The period of inactive status shall be one year
from the designated renewal date. On or before
expiration of inactive status, a paralegal on inactive status must file a petition for (continued)
inactive status or seek reinstatement to active status by filing a renewal application. Failure to
petition for continued inactive status or renewal each year shall result in lapse of certification.
A paralegal may be inactive for not more than a total of five (5) consecutive years. During a
period of inactive status, a paralegal is not required to pay the renewal fee or to complete
continuing paralegal education. During a period of inactive status, a paralegal cannot represent
that he or she is a North Carolina certified paralegal.
To be reinstated as a certified paralegal, the paralegal must petition the board for reinstatement
by filing a renewal application prior to the expiration of the inactive status period and must pay
the annual renewal fee. If the paralegal was inactive for a period of two (2) consecutive
calendar years or more, the paralegal must complete 12 hours of credit in board approved
continuing paralegal education, or its equivalent, during the year prior to the filing of the petition.
Of the 12 hours, at least 2 hours shall be devoted to the areas of professional responsibility or
professionalism or any combination thereof.
If you do not file your renewal application for reinstatement to active status or petition for
continued inactive status prior to the annual renewal date, your certification will lapse. To be
certified again, you will need to reapply and comply with all the certification requirements,
including passage of the certification exam.
Name: _________________________________________________ CPID: ______________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
1. I understand that if this petition is granted, the inactive period would last for one (1) year,
and at the end of the inactive period, I must either 1) petition the Board to remain inactive each
year (for up to five years), or 2) file a renewal application to seek reinstatement to active status.
2. I understand that if this petition is granted, I cannot represent that I am a North Carolina
Certified Paralegal or use any of the other designations set forth in the Plan for Certification of
Paralegals during the inactive period.
3. I desire to be placed on inactive status for the following reason (check one and provide
Financial inability to pay the annual renewal fee and to pay for continuing legal education
courses due to unemployment or underemployment of the paralegal for a period of three
months or more
Disability or serious illness for a period of three months or more
Active military service
Transfer of the paralegal’s active military spouse to a location outside of North Carolina
By signing this petition, I acknowledge and confirm all statements herein.
Signature Date