ADRE Lic Form LI-219 Inst-Branch Off App rev 04.03.2013
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Licensing Division
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Use Form LI-219 to:
Open a Branch Office
Reactivate a Branch Office
Close a Branch Office
FEES MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: Visit ADRE website at for a current fee schedule. Fee is determined by
Designated Broker’s (DB) expiration date. When a DB change has been made, an expiration date realignment may constitute
CLOSING A BRANCH OFFICE: Sever, then hire all licensees to other branch. Fees may be required. May be completed online at
click here
DESIGNATED BROKER DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY: Submit “Delegation of Authority” (Form LI-204) using the ADRE Message
Center at
SALESPERSON APPOINTED AS BRANCH MANAGER: A DB or Sole Proprietor may not delegate authority to a salesperson as
branch manager to perform acts for which a broker’s license is required. A salesperson branch manager may perform any office
management tasks that are not statutory duties of the employing broker. The salesperson branch manager may be a signor on
ranch office account. Salespersons who act as Branch Managers have LIMITED authority.
ASSOCIATE BROKER APPOINTED AS BRANCH MANAGER: A Designated Broker or Sole Proprietor may delegate (by written
authorization) full authority to an associate broker who manages a branch office, including signing commission checks. The
associate broker may be a signatory on a broker trust account connected to the business generated by the office manage
d by
he associate broker. The associate broker may also sign commission checks drawn from a property management trust account,
review and initial contracts and supervise the activity of salespersons and associate brokers. Associate Brokers who act as
ranch Manager may have either LIMITED or FULL authority as duly appointed by the Designated Broker. Any delegatio
n by
Designated Broker shall never relieve the Designated Broker from responsibility for the activity of salesperson and/or brokers.
Any full authority delegated to an Associate Broker requires that the Associate Broker provide proof of completion of the Nin
(9) hour Broker Management Clinic pursuant to A.R.S. §32-2136.
DELEGATION OF BRANCH MANAGERS (MUST SUBMIT FORM LI-204) - See below for powers, which may be vested in branch
managers, pursuant to A.A.C. R4-28-304 and A.R.S. §§ 32-2127, 32-2151.01 (G).
R4-28-304. Branch Office; Branch Office Manager
A. To obtain a branch office license, the designated broker shall submit to the Department before operating the branch office the following information for each branch office of
the employing broker on the Application for Branch Office form:
1. The name, date, and signature of the designated broker;
2. The license number and license expiration date of the employing broker;
3. The name, address, telephone, and license number of the main office;
4. The type of employing broker's license;
5. The employing broker's dba name, if applicable;
6. The address, telephone number, and fax number, if any, of the branch office; and
7. The name and license status of the salesperson or broker who is the branch office manager and the authority granted to the branch office manager, including any
designation of authority under subsection (B).
B. Branch office manager. A designated broker may authorize in writing an associate broker or salesperson to act as a branch office manager to perform any of the following
duties of the designated broker at the branch office. This designation does not relieve the designated broker from any responsibilities. Upon change of the branch manager, the
designated broker shall submit a new authorization to the Department within 10 days of the change and shall retain a copy in the broker's main office for five years.
1. If the branch manager is an associate broker, the associate broker may, when dealing with branch office transactions:
a. Review and initial contracts,
b. Supervise the activity of salespersons and associate brokers,
c. Hire or sever a salesperson or associate broker,
d. Sign compensation checks,
e. Be a signer on the branch office trust account and property management trust account,
f. Write checks from the broker's trust accounts, and
g. Be responsible for the handling of all trust account funds administered by the branch manager.
2. If the branch manager is a salesperson, the salesperson may, when dealing with branch office transactions:
a. Perform office management tasks that are not statutory duties of the employing broker, and
b. Be a signer on the broker's trust account and property management trust account.
C. Temporary office. An additional license is not required for a temporary office established for the original on-site sale of properties within the immediate area of a subdivision
or unsubdivided land.
1. The broker named in the application for public report shall supervise operation of the temporary office to sell or lease the subdivided or unsubdivided land.
2. The broker shall display the subdivision or unsubdivided land name and the licensed name of the employing broker marketing the development in a prominent
manner at the entrance to the temporary office.