The petition must be reviewed by the Administrative Committee and approved by the State Bar Council.
The committee and the council meet quarterly in January, April, July, and October of each year. The
dates of the meetings are posted on the home page of the NC State Bar website.
Instructions for Completing and Filing Petition
1. Complete the appropriate petition and have the petition notarized.
2. Identify an active North Carolina lawyer in good standing at a supporting nonprofit legal services
corporation to serve as a supervisor. The North Carolina responsible lawyer must attach a
statement in which the lawyer agrees to supervise the petitioner in the provision of pro bono legal
services for indigent persons. See the Pro Bono Supervision Statement.
3. Mail the petition and any supporting documents to:
NC State Bar
Membership Department
P.O. Box 26088
Raleigh, NC 27611
Materials should be submitted at least thirty days prior to the State Bar Council meeting at which
you want your petition to be considered. Keep a copy of your petition for your records. If your
petition is received 30 days prior to the meeting you will receive confirmation that your petition
was received by the NC State Bar. If you list an e-mail address on your petition you may receive
correspondence via e-mail. Please contact the Membership Department at (919) 828-4620 if you
do not receive confirmation.
4. After the quarterly meeting of the State Bar Council, if your petition is granted by the council, an
order will be mailed to the address you provided on the petition.
Additional information about pro bono practice status can be found at
including Frequently Asked Questions about the program and
opportunities to volunteer.
Guidelines for In-Court Practice
A lawyer who has been granted Pro Bono Practice Status pursuant to either 27 N.C.A.C. 1D, Rule
.0905(b)(3), Pro Bono Practice by Out of State Lawyers, or 27 N.C.A.C. 1D, Rule .0901(b)(3), Emeritus
Pro Bono Status, may engage in the following activities under the supervision of an active member of the
North Carolina State Bar:
(a) A lawyer with Pro Bono Practice Status may give advice to a client on matters of North Carolina law
provided (1) the lawyer gives a clear prior explanation to the client that the lawyer’s practice in North
Carolina is limited to pro bono matters and (2) the supervising lawyer has determined that the pro bono
lawyer is qualified to render legal advice in the subject area involved.
(b) A lawyer with Pro Bono Practice Status may represent an eligible person in any proceeding before a
federal, state, or local tribunal, including an administrative agency, if notice of pro bono status is given to
the tribunal or agency by the pro bono lawyer and the supervising lawyer approved the representation. A
statement advising the tribunal or agency of the lawyer’s Pro Bono Practice Status shall be filed with the
tribunal and made a part of the record in the case. The State Bar Council’s Order granting Pro Bono
Practice Status may be used for this purpose.
(c) The pro bono lawyer’s appearance before a tribunal or agency shall be subject to any limitations
imposed by the tribunal or agency.
(d) In all cases under this rule in which a lawyer with Pro Bono Practice Status is permitted to appear
before a tribunal or agency, subject to any limitations imposed by the tribunal, the lawyer may engage in
all activities appropriate to the representation of the client, including, without limitation, selection of and
argument to the jury, examination and cross-examination of witnesses, motions and arguments thereon,
and giving notice of appeal.
Statutory Authority: G.S.84-16; G.S. 84-7.1
Instructions to Petitioner
Complete and return the petition to the North Carolina State Bar, Membership Department, P.O. Box
26088, Raleigh, NC 27611. The North Carolina responsible lawyer must attach a statement in which the
lawyer agrees to supervise the petitioner in the provision of pro bono legal services for indigent persons.
If the space for any answer is insufficient, complete your answer on a separate sheet and attach it to the
Petition and Affidavit
1. Petitioner:
(a) Full name ____________________________________________________________________
(b) Current Address:
Street _______________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________ State _______________ Zip _________________
(c) Telephone number: Work _________________________Home _________________________
(d) Fax number ___________________________________________________________________
(e) E-Mail address_________________________________________________________________
(f) Have you ever been know by any other name or surname? ________ If so, list all other names
and the dates and locations where such names were used.
If a married woman, give maiden name. _____________________________________________
2. Active North Carolina State Bar Member (“responsible lawyer”) who is employed by a nonprofit
corporation qualified to render legal services pursuant to G.S. 84-5.1 and who has agreed to supervise
the petitioner (statement from responsible lawyer must be attached as instructed above):
N.C. Bar # ________________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________ State _____________ Zip _____________________
Phone # __________________________________________________________________________
Print Form
3. By executing this petition, you acknowledge that you are not currently the subject of any matter
pending before the North Carolina State Bar Grievance Committee or the Disciplinary Hearing
Commission, that you continue to be subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the North Carolina
State Bar, and that your conduct will be governed by the North Carolina Rules of Professional
Conduct in regard to any law practice authorized by the Council in consequence of this petition.
_______________________________________________ _____________________________
Signature Date
Sworn to and subscribed before me this
______ day of ____________, ________.
Notary Public
My commission expires: _____________