Student Name Student I.D. Number
Course Information with Course Prefix, Number, and Section (e.g. ENGL 1301.002): _______________________
Semester and Year of Course (e.g. Spring 2020):____________________________
INCOMPLETE GRADE CONTRACT (to be completed by the instructor)
Reason for “I” Grade
List the assignment(s)/task(s) to be completed AND Due Date for all assignments/tasks:
Due Date:
“I” grades are automatically changed to “F” grades after 12 months.
Select the current letter grade or list the number grade: A B C D F OR # Grade:
Instructions for computing grade upon completion of the assignment(s):
Faculty Signature: Date:
Student’s Signature: Date:
Department Chair Signature: Date:
This document should be kept with the student’s academic records (e.g. EAB or departmental records)
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