Registrar’s Office Use: SHACRSE entry: ________ Date: ________ Revised 03/12/2020
Incomplete (I) Grade Policy:
The assignment of an Incomplete (I) grade is reserved for cases of illness, unforeseen circumstances, military assignments, or other
verified emergencies that prevent a student from completing a course by the due date. An Incomplete grade may only be issued if the
student has completed a substantial portion (more than 50%) of the course work and the work to date has been of passing quality. If
warranted, the student should initiate an Incomplete Grade Contract with the instructor, providing appropriate documentation to support
the request. If granted, the Incomplete grade will allow a student a maximum period of 12 weeks (for a semester-long class) or six
weeks (for an eight-week or shorter class) to complete the appropriate course work. The Incomplete Grade Contract must be signed
by the student, faculty member, and the Dean of the College. This Grade Contract shall include detailed information regarding what
work must be completed, a final deadline for completion of said work (not to exceed the relevant twelve- or six-week period), and the
grade to be issued if the work is not completed by the deadline. Incomplete Grade Contracts are due by the final grade deadline
and must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for processing. A student may not graduate with an outstanding Incomplete grade.
Faculty members will submit a Change of Grade Form to the Registrar’s Office once the student has met the terms of the Incomplete
Grade Contract. If the Incomplete Grade Contract terms are not met, the student will be issued the grade indicated on the Contract.
TO BE COMPLETED BY STUDENT: Please print legibly using blue or black ink.
This form must be submitted to the instructor prior to the last date of the relevant term.
HPU ID_________________ Name: _______________________________________________________________________
Last/Family Given/First Middle
mail: _______________________________________Telephone: ______________________________________
(Complete all information) Please print legibly using blue or black ink.
CRN/Course Ref. No.
(e.g. 4295)
Course Alpha and No.
(e.g. WRI 1050)
Credit Hours
(e.g. 3)
Part of Term/Session
(e.g. Fall 8A)
_________________ ______________________ _________________ _________________________
(Use the back of this form or attach additional pages as needed)
Reason for Incomplete grade:
Description of work to be completed:
Final deadline for completion of work
(not more than six weeks for an 8-week or shorter class or 12 weeks for a semester-long class):
Grade to be recorded if terms of this Incomplete Grade Contract are not met:
Student’s Signature:______________________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Instructor’s Signature:_____________________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Dean’s Signature:________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________
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