STATE OF OHIO ) CASE NO. _____CR__________
Plaintiff )
_____________________________________ ) WRITTEN PLEA OF GUILTY or NO CONTEST
Defendant )
- - -
I hereby withdraw my former not guilty plea and enter a plea of GUILTY or NO CONTEST (circle one) to the
following offense(s):
Count or Offense/Specification ORC Section Level
Count [ ]_____________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]_____________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ] _____________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]_____________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]_____________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]_____________________________________________________________________________________
Maximum Penalty. I understand that the maximum penalty as to each count is as follows:
Count or Range of Possible Qualifying Maximum Mandatory License Prison Term Prison Term Sex Violent
Specification Prison Term Offense Max Fine Fine Suspension Mandatory or Presumed Offender Offender
(Yrs./Mos.) Indefinite Term Consecutive Necessary Registration Registration
Count [ ]______________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]______________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]______________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]______________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]______________________________________________________________________________________
Count [ ]______________________________________________________________________________________
1. Prison terms for multiple charges, even if consecutive sentences are not mandatory, may be imposed consecutively by the
Court. Court costs, restitution and other financial sanctions, including fines and reimbursement for the cost of any sanctions,
may also be imposed. If I am now on felony probation, parole, or community control, this plea may result in revocation
proceedings and any new felony sentence may be imposed consecutively.
2. I understand that if I am convicted of a qualifying offense pursuant to R.C. 2929.144, that I will be subject to an indefinite
sentence consisting of a minimum and maximum term, that there is a rebuttable presumption that I would be released from
prison at the expiration of the minimum term or presumptive early release date, whichever is earlier, and that the DRC may
rebut the presumption of release at that time if certain determination are made after a hearing.
3. I have been informed that if I am imprisoned, after my release from prison:
 I will be supervised by the parole board under post-release control, R.C. 2967.28, for a mandatory period of
five (5) years. Count(s) _________________.
 I will be supervised by the parole board under post-release control, R.C. 2967.28, for a mandatory period of
three (3) years. Count(s) ________________.
 I may be supervised by the parole board under post-release control, R.C. 2967.28, for a period up to three (3)
years. The decision whether to impose post-release control, or the amount of post-release control, for three
(3) years, is under the discretion of the parole board. Count(s) ______________.
I understand that if I violate the terms of my post-release control, I could receive an additional prison term of up to 50%
of the prison term this Court imposed here today. I understand that if I am granted community control at any point, I will
have conditions to follow and if I violate any of those conditions, I could be given a longer period under court control and/or
greater restrictions, or a prison term in the amount suspended by the Court.
4. I have been informed that I may be eligible, as determined by the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, for days
of credit I earn while in prison pursuant to R.C. 2967.193. (Credit is not automatically awarded.)
5. I have been informed by my attorney and by the Judge of the effect of my guilty or no contest plea and its consequences,
and I understand them; and, upon accepting my guilty or no contest plea, the Court may immediately proceed with judgment
and sentencing.
6. I have been informed by my attorney and by the Judge that by pleading guilty or no contest, I waive the following
Constitutional Rights, and I understand these rights and it is my intention to waive them:
(a) My right to a jury trial.
(b) My right to confront and cross-examine the witnesses against me.
(c) My right to have compulsory process, which
is the right to subpoena witnesses to court to testify in my favor.
(d) My right to require the State to prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial at which I could not be
compelled to testify against myself.
(e) I have been informed that by pleading guilty I waive my right to appeal any issues that might have been raised
had I gone to trial and been convicted, and I understand that right of appeal and it is my intention to waive it.
7. I have been fully advised by my attorney of the Criminal Rule 11(F) plea negotiations which have also been stated in open
court and I accept those negotiations as my own. I understand the nature of these charges and the possible defenses I might
have. I am satisfied with my attorney’s advice and competence. I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No threats
have been made to me. No promises have been made except as part of this plea agreement stated entirely as follows:
I further understand that the Prosecutor’s recommendation does not have to be followed by the Court.
8. If pleading guilty, I admit committing the offense(s) and will tell the Court the facts and circumstances of my guilt. I
know the Judge may either sentence me today or refer my case for a pre-sentence report. I understand my right to appeal a
maximum sentence, my other limited appellate rights, and that any appeal must be filed within 30 days of my sentence.
9. I have either read this Written Plea of Guilty or No Contest or it has been read to me and I understand it, and I wish to
waive all of the rights set forth, herein and voluntarily plead to the charge(s) as set forth above.
10. I am _____ or I am not _____ (PLEASE INDICATE) a citizen of the United States of America (2943.031).
___________________________ ____________________________ ______________________________
Signed in open court this ____ day of _______________________________.