* In addition to mail and fax, forms can be
submitted by email to property@wynford.com
(Not including flooring changes)
Step 1: Please review your Strata Corporation Bylaws to ensure such an alteration is permitted.
The Bylaw may outline the minimum requirements and other important information.
Step 2: Complete the following application and submit to our office by mail, fax, or email to
property@wynford.com. Our office will re-direct your application to your Strata Manager.
Date of Application:
Strata Plan: Strata Lot:
Unit Address:
Name of Owner(s):
Phone: Email:
**Updating Records: The information provided on this form will not be used to update contact information already
on file. Use the Owner Information Form found at wynford.com for record updating purposes.
Areas you plan to change:
Specifics and details of renovation (you may attach a sketch of the planned changes):
Timeframe / duration of renovation:
Company / contractor name:
Is your contractor insured? Yes No
Note: Your contractor must carry Contractor Liability Insurance & WorkSafeBC before your application
can be processed. $2,000,000.00 coverage is recommended to protect you and the Strata Corporation.
Step 3: Your application will be reviewed and approved in due course. Please note that additional
information / documentation may be required. Upon approval, your Strata Manager will be in
contact with you to sign an Assumption of Liability Agreement.
It is important for you NOT to commence work until written approval has been received.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing time as Council may need to review at their next meeting.
Please note you must download &
save this form prior to filling out
and submitting.