Arizona State Personnel System
This tool is designed to provide you with guidance on important factors to consider when requesting an in-
grade salary adjustment.
Change in Duties
Professional Development
General Considerations:
How long has the employee been employed by the State? How long has the employee been in their current job?
Have the appropriate budgetary considerations been reviewed and approved by the agency head or their designee?
Has there been any form of discipline in the last three years? If so, what type?
When was the last time this employee received an in-grade adjustment or other form of salary increase?
How does this employee's salary compare to other employees in the same classification or performing like duties?
Is the employee already earning over the midpoint of the grade? If so, is this increase over 10%?
Will this action cause a salary inequity? If so, how?
Is there a separate approval process for this type of salary adjustment, such as a manifest error or equity
adjustment? These require approval from ADOA Classification/Compensation.
ASPS/HRD - FA2.01 12/2019 Page 1
Reason for In-Grade Adjustment:
Last Performance
Evaluation Score
Current Annual
Considerations for Change in Duties:
What higher level duties have been assigned to the employee (e.g. supervisory or lead responsibility, new program, etc.)?
Are the added duties the same type, but just more volume? More volume does not fit the change of duties criteria.
Was a Position Description (PD) update submitted to Classification/Compensation? If so, when?
Considerations for Professional Development:
Is the degree, certification, specialized training, license, etc. related to the position and regarded as 'recognized in the industry'?
If this was not recently acquired, has the employee previously been compensated for possessing a degree, certification,
specialized training, license, etc. through a special entrance rate or promotional rate?
Did the employee provide tangible, concrete, documented evidence of
professional development?
Considerations for Performance:
How has the employee been performing at a superior level?
Is the employee performing job duties above average in comparison to other employees in like positions?
Has the employee's productivity been measured and validated?
Are performance evaluation scores consistently 'exceeds expectations'? What are the most recent scores and dates of
evaluation? (List last three)
What recognition and/or awards has th
e employee received to support outstanding performance?
ASPS/HRD - FA2.01 12/2019 Page 2
Considerations for Retention:
Is this a high performing employee in a critical position, not easily replaced and is at risk of leaving the agency?
How will the employee's departure present a risk or significant detriment to the agency?
ASPS/HRD - FA2.01 12/2019 Page 3
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