Student’s name: _____________________________________________________________________
Email address: ______________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: _____________________________ Cell: _____________________________________
Focus of study at Bennington: _________________________________________________________
Credits completed at Bennington to date:__________________________
Credits earned at other institutions: ______________________________
Proposed Graduation date (December or June and year): ___________________________
______________________________________________ _________________________
Student’s Signature Date
Please include the following materials with your application:
Statement describing in detail how you plan to complete your Bennington education
Timeline for completion (please note most students complete their work in one year)
For applicants who are currently withdrawn from Bennington College, the following
materials are required in addition to those listed above:
Transcripts from other colleges (if applicable)
Two letters of recommendation (one of which must be from a current employer or an
instructor who is not affiliated with Bennington College)
Please return this form and all materials to Barn 120 or mail to:
Noelle Murphy
Academic Services
Bennington College
One College Drive
Bennington, VT 05201
Students wishing to earn their degrees from Bennington College must be enrolled at Bennington
College for their final term. Under extraordinary circumstances, students may earn their final
credits at an institution other than Bennington College and, upon official transfer of these
credits, graduate with their diploma from Bennington College; a second option is for students to
complete a final project under the long-distance supervision of a Bennington faculty member.
This practice is known as graduation in absentia. Students must demonstrate a compelling
reason to graduate in absentia. Students must complete this application and return it to Noelle
Murphy in Academic Services.
For consideration to graduate in absentia, a student must meet all of the guidelines specified
in this application.
Student may take no more than 32 credits on an in absentia basis but normally students
take no more than 16 credits
Student must have prior approval from the Provost and Dean’s Office
Student must submit course descriptions of all courses for consideration and receive
approval from Noelle Murphy in Academic Services
Students must submit a detailed statement explaining how the credits earned elsewhere
will integrate with work at Bennington
Student must define projected grad date within 1 yr (ie--2 full terms) of in absentia
The institution from which the credits are earned must be an accredited institution of
higher education
Student must be in good academic standing
Student must send official transcripts to Bennington College in a timely manner to
ensure transfer of credits is completed prior to expected date of graduation. Student who
wishes to graduate with a December graduation date must submit an unofficial
transcript by December 31, and will receive their diploma as soon as an official transcript
is produced and verified. Student who wishes to graduate with a June graduation date
must submit an unofficial transcript by May 31, and will receive their diploma as soon as
an official transcript is produced and verified. Diplomas will be ordered as soon as the
unofficial transcript is received in our office.
Student maintains in absentia status until their proposed graduation date. If students
have not made satisfactory progress towards the completion of their degree, and/or if we
do not hear from them about a possible extension before the deadlines listed above, they
are officially withdrawn as of the last term of their in absentia status.
Fees apply to complete degrees in absentia; additional fees apply if student extends
graduation date beyond original proposed graduation date
Applications are due May 15 for the fall term and November 15 for the spring term