To: In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Recipients,
In recent weeks, high winds and dry conditions in many areas have heightened fire risks causing your
electric company to shut off power in many areas. We’ve created a checklist of steps you can take
prior to an outage to make sure both you and your provider are prepared:
Keep current contact information with your utility company so you can receive notifications if
your power is shut off.
Keep your contact information current with your local IHSS office so that they may reach out to
you if necessary.
List all emergency contact numbers and have them ready that you can take with you. Local police,
fire, family, friends, IHSS provider number and include your county IHSS office number.
Create a safety plan and discuss it with your provider. The plan should include any unique needs
you have in case of emergency, an evacuation plan, and an emergency meeting location.
Prepare an emergency supply kit. Include enough water and food to last one week. Know where
your flashlights are. Have extra batteries available for use.
Create a medical supply kit that includes any medications, a medications list, a list of medical
providers and health conditions, and any medical supplies or life-saving equipment that you may
Have a battery-operated radio to listen for news updates. Have extra batteries available for use.
Test your landline phone to find out if it will work during an outage. Keep a mobile phone as
backup and keep mobile phones and other devices charged. Invest in an extra cell phone battery
charger if able.
Have a full tank of gas, and cash on hand if possible. ATMs and gas stations may not be available
during an outage.
Know how to manually open your garage or any other door that operates with electricity.
Have a plan for elevators that may not work. Talk with your Building Manager if you live or work
in a building that has elevators to understand how the Building Manager will deal with a possible
multi-day outage. Be sure your emergency plan includes how to get out of your buildings if the
elevators are not working.
Find the closest Community Resource Centers that will be open during the shutoff. These centers
will have restrooms, bottled water, electronic device charging stations, and air-conditioned
Visit your local County’s Website before a shut-off occurs to look for other helpful emergency
information in your County.
Share your emergency plan with others family, friends, neighbors and your IHSS provider and
local IHSS Social Worker so that those close to you will know where to locate you to ensure you
are safe.
Follow your emergency plan if an outage does occur.
Dial 911 If you experience any immediate safety concerns.