International Education Week Exhibitor Registration Form
San Diego Mesa College will hold its annual International Education Week
ExhibitorsFair on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 from 10am to 1pm (with
setup from 9am and lunch at 1pm). Please take a few minutes to fill out this
registration form and email it to or fax it to (619) 388-5814.
Name of company / Organization: ___________________________________
Contact name: ___________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
Website: _______________________________________________________
Name of representative(s) attending event: ____________________________
Email(s): _______________________________________________________
Phone number:
Fax (if available): ________________________________________________
If you represent a nonprofit agency, then there is no registration fee. All other
agencies are required to send a $75 check by mail payable to SDMC
International Education to cover operating costs. Names of agencies will be
published in an event program and on student surveys. We will send you a
confirmation, parking permit, and campus map as the event draws closer. We
look forward to seeing you on November 18th.
San Diego Mesa College 7250 Mesa College Drive San Diego, CA 92111
International Education Office Office I-109(619) 388-2213
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Deadline: All spaces will be allotted on a first come, first served basis. If your
merchandise is deemed inappropriate for the Exhibitors’ Fair, or if there are no
spaces available, your check will be promptly returned.
No refunds will be given due to exhibitor cancellations.
(Print Individual or Company Name)
agrees to save and hold harmless the San Diego Community College District,
its employees, Trustees, and students, from any and all liability, costs,
litigation or claims for injury or death to any person, including, Exhibitor or
Exhibitor's employees; or for damage to any property, including but not
limited to that of Exhibitor or the San Diego Community College District,
arising from any cause related to Exhibitor's direct or indirect participation in
the International Education Celebration at Mesa College. Vendors will
arrange appropriate insurance to insure this potential liability in amounts
sufficient to protect itself and the San Diego Community College District.
______________________ ____________
Signature of Representative Date
For office use only do not write below this line
Date received: _________ Amt. received: __________ Deposit Date: _____
Vendor material deemed appropriate: __Y or N/ If no, explain: __________
Space number allotted: ______________
Other action: ______________________ Initialed: ____________________
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