UPDATED 12/3/2020 Information / Certification / SDE / 1
Application Packet Important Information
Page 1 & 2 of this packet are for reference only and do not need to be submitted with your application.
This application is ONLY for those that are applying for a renewal of a 5-year renewable
certificate. If you are applying for anything other than a renewal, please use the Idaho
Educator Certification Application.
Do not apply for renewal earlier than January 1
of the year your certificate expires as it will
be returned to you.
If you are applying for Career Technical Education certification, do not use this application.
Please see information and applications at https://cte.idaho.gov/educators-5/become-a-cte-
Please check that you have included the items below, as the application will be returned to
you if they are missing.
$75.00 Application Fee check or money order payable to the State Department of
Education or SDE
Completed attestations and signed last page of the application
Transcripts Transcripts for certification renewal do not need to be official. Photocopies,
faxes or internet printouts of transcripts are acceptable, as long as the name of the renewal
applicant, name of the college or university, titles of the classes, number of credits earned for
each class, and when the credits were earned are all listed on the document. To expedite
processing, please include transcripts with your application.
Check the box for the method you are using to submit transcripts. If you are not
including them in the application packet, please have them sent two weeks after
application is mailed.
Included in this application packet preferred method for expedited processing
Electronically sent directly from university/college to Transcripts@sde.idaho.gov
Emailed from applicant to Transcripts@sde.idaho.gov
Mailed separately
Delivered in person
For more detailed information please see our website at
UPDATED 12/3/2020 Information / Certification / SDE / 2
List of Idaho Endorsements
Standard Instructional Certificate
All Subjects (K-8)
American Government/Political Science (5-9
or 6-12)
American Indian Language (K-12)
Bilingual Education (K-12)
Biological Science (5-9 or 6-12)
Blended Early Childhood Education/Early
Childhood Special Education (Birth Grade 3)
Blended Elementary Education/Elementary
Special Education (Grade 4-Grade 6)
Chemistry (5-9 or 6-12)
Communication (5-9 or 6-12)
Computer Science (5-9 or 6-12)
Deaf/Hard of Hearing (Pre-K-12)
Early Childhood Special Education (Pre-K-3)
Earth and Space Science (5-9 or 6-12)
Economics (5-9 or 6-12)
Engineering (5-9 or 6-12)
English (5-9 or 6-12)
English as a Second Language (ESL) (K-12)
Exceptional Child Generalist (K-8, 6-12, or K-
Geography (5-9 or 6-12)
Geology (5-9 or 6-12)
Gifted and Talented (K-12)
Health (5-9, 6-12, or K-12)
History (5-9 or 6-12)
Humanities (5-9 or 6-12)
Journalism (5-9 or 6-12)
Junior ROTC (6-12)
Literacy (K-12)
Mathematics (6-12)
Mathematics Middle Level (5-9)
Music (5-9, 6-12 or K-12)
Natural Science (5-9 or 6-12)
Online-Teacher (K-12)
Physical Education (PE) (5-9, 6-12, or K-12)
Physical Science (5-9 or 6-12)
Physics (5-9 or 6-12)
Psychology (5-9 or 6-12)
Science Middle Level (5-9)
Social Studies (6-12)
Social Studies Middle Level (5-9)
Sociology (5-9 or 6-12)
Sociology/Anthropology (5-9 or 6-12)
Teacher Leader Instructional Specialist
Teacher Leader Literacy
Teacher Leader Mathematics
Teacher Leader Special Education
Teacher Librarian (K-12)
Theater Arts (5-9 or 6-12)
Visual Arts (5-9, 6-12 or K-12)
Visual Impairment (Pre-K-12)
World Language (5-9, 6-12 or K-12)
o Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin,
Russian, Spanish, etc.
Pupil Service Staff Certificate
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
School Counselor (K-12)
School Counselor Basic (K-12)
School Nurse
School Psychologist
School Social Worker
Speech-Language Pathologist
Administrator Certificate
Director of Special Education (Pre-K-12)
School Principal (Pre-K-12)
Superintendent (Pre-K-12)
UPDATED 12/3/2020 Renewal Application / Certification / SDE / 3
Date Receipted
Check #
Recent Credits
Date Printed
Section I: Personal Information
Full Legal Name
Birth Date
Maiden/Other Name
Male Female
Email Address
Street or PO Box #
City, State, Zip Code
Phone #
Section II: Endorsements
If adding new endorsement(s), please list the endorsement(s) here and include transcripts
and any other forms to support the endorsements. Please refer to the List of Idaho Endorsements on page 2. Note: If no changes
to a current certificate are being requested, please write “SAME” next to Endorsement #1.
Endorsement # 1
Endorsement # 5
Endorsement # 2
Endorsement # 6
Endorsement # 3
Endorsement # 7
Endorsement # 4
Endorsement # 8
Section III: Professional Development Six (6) Semester Credits
Renewal applicant must have
earned at least six (6) semester credits during the validity period of the credential. At least three (3) of these credits must be
transcripted. Up to three (3) semester credits may be earned by Idaho district-approved in-service signed off on Form B7 -
Verification of Completion of Equivalent In-service. List only college/university where these credits were earned.
Name of Course
Credits Earned Date Completed
UPDATED 12/3/2020 Renewal Application / Certification / SDE / 4
Section IV: Administrator Certificate Renewal Requirements
Applicants renewing Administrator Certificates (Director of Special Education, School
Principal, or Superintendent) are required to complete a State Board of Education
approved three (3) credit course on teacher evaluation based on the statewide
framework during the five (5) year validity period of the credential being renewed.
For a list of approved courses, please visit: https://boardofed.idaho.gov/k-12-
Have you completed the Administrator Certificate Renewal Requirement? Please submit
verification of course completion with application packet.
No renew without the Administrator Certificate.
Not required I do not hold an Administrator Certificate.
Section V: Licensing History You must answer “yes” to each question that applies to you, even if you have already
answered “yes” on a previous application.
IMPORTANT: Discrepancies in this section will result in denial of educator license/certificate.
1. Have you ever had an educator or teacher license/certificate denied by any
professional licensing authority?
Yes No
2. Have you ever had disciplinary action taken against a professional
license/certificate? Disciplinary action on a license/certificate includes
revocation, suspension, probation, letters of reprimand, or conditions imposed
by a professional licensing authority.
Yes No
3. Have you ever voluntarily surrendered a professional license/certificate to avoid
disciplinary proceedings by a professional licensing authority?
Yes No
4. Are there pending disciplinary proceedings or investigations against your
license/certificate by a professional licensing authority?
All applicants answering yes Include a detailed written explanation for each question marked
yes. You do not need to resubmit a written explanation if you have previously provided one.
UPDATED 12/3/2020 Renewal Application / Certification / SDE / 5
Section VI: Legal History
As part of the application process, the State Department of Education may conduct a
background investigation check, which involves a review of criminal history such as arrests and misdemeanor or felony
By signing this application I acknowledge that I may be required to provide additional
information, such as court records.
Felonies - In order to expedite your application, please include a detailed written
explanation of each felony criminal issue and a copy of the judgment of conviction for
any felony conviction.
o Please obtain court records from the court house.
o A printout from the State Judiciary repository will NOT be accepted as relevant
court documents.
Note: If you have provided these documents with a previous application, you do not
need to resubmit them.
MisdemeanorsThere is no need to submit documentation with your application for
misdemeanor arrest and/or convictions. We will contact you if we need any
IMPORTANTFailure to respond to a request for information will result in your application not being
Section VII: Attestations and Signature In order for us to be able to process your application,
please review and initial each of the statements below.
I attest and affirm that I have read the Code of Ethics for Idaho Professional
Educators (for a copy, go to http://sde.idaho.gov/cert-psc/psc/ethics.html).
I attest and affirm that all statements made by me on this application are true
and correct to the best of my knowledge.
I understand that it is a violation of the Code of Ethics for Idaho Professional
Educators to make any false statement(s) on this application or required
documents. Disciplinary action, which may include revocation, suspension,
denial, letter of reprimand, or conditions, may be imposed under Section 33-
1208, Idaho Code.
Do not sign until you have read and initialed the above statements
Signature of Applicant:
Return form, transcripts, and fee(s) in one packet to:
State Department of Education
ATTN: Teacher Certification
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0027
You will be mailed two copies of your certificate upon application approval.