(Not applicable to graduate research/thesis/dissertation courses)
The grade “I”, plus the average letter grade on all the work completed, is used to denote failure to complete assigned
class work because of conditions beyond the student’s control. It is the responsibility of the student to request that a
grade of “I” be issued. If the student’s work is of passing quality, the instructor may assign a grade of “I” plus the
average letter grade on all work completed. A grade of “IF” cannot be issued. If an instructor grants a grade of “I”,
it is the instructor’s responsibility to “contract” with the student as to what work is still required, when the work is
due, and then to report the final grade to the Registrar’s Office before the deadline listed in the quarter calendar (the
Friday of the 4
week of the next quarter). If the student fails to complete the required work by the required date,
the instructor will issue a grade of F and that grade will appear on the student’s permanent record (transcript).
Student Name Social Security No
Is to receive an I Grade in for the Quarter 20 -
Reason for awarding of “I” Grade:
Requirements for course completion:
Date requirements must be completed:
Signed by:
Student Date:
Faculty Member Date:
Copy of signed form to be given to student. Instructor to attach copy of signed form to copy of
course grade sheet to be retained by department head/director.