HOFSTRA ID#__________________________
Please complete the following information and submit to the appropriate office indicated below. You must
include a copy of your passport identification page and proof of financial support.
For undergraduate students, submit to:
Office of International Admission
100 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549-1000 USA
I have been accepted to Hofstra University and am planning to attend (check one):
Fall (September) Spring (January) Year:
Degree Level: Bachelor’s Master’s
Doctorate Other
I will be studying (major): ______________________________________________
PART I: Personal Information
Please enter your name exactly as it appears in your passport. Attach a copy of your passport identification page.
Name in Passport: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Last/Family Name First/Given Name
Middle Name(s)
Date of Birth: _____________________________ Email: ____________________________________________________
Country of Birth: ___________________ City of Birth: _________________________________________
Country of Citizenship:*
* If you have citizenship in multiple countries, please tell us which passport you will use to apply for the F-1 visa:
Permanent Address in Home Country (where you live, not a post office box):
City___________________________________ State/Province/Territory ________________________________________
Postal Code Country _______________________________________ __________________________________________
For graduate students, submit to:
Office of Graduate Admission
Room 105 Memorial Hall, 126 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549-1260 USA
HOFSTRA ID#__________________________
I-20 Application Form
PART II: U.S. Visa History
1. Are you currently in the U.S.? Yes No
If yes, what is your current address in the United States?
Street _____________________________________________________________________________________
City______________________________ State __________________________ ZIP Code ________________
U.S. Phone Number _________________________________________________
2. Do you already have an F-1 visa? Yes No
If yes, please submit this form: hofstra.edu/f-1visa.
When is your last date of attendance at your previous school?* ______________
* If you attended a U.S. school within 5 months of when you will begin your program at Hofstra, you need to
have your SEVIS record transferred to Hofstra before your Form I-20 can be issued. Please contact the
international student advisor at your previous school immediately to authorize the release of your SEVIS
record to Hofstra. More information about the F-1 transfer procedure is posted at hofstra.edu/f1transfer.
IMPORTANT: F-1 transfer students must use a Form I-20 issued by Hofstra University to return to the United
States to begin an academic program at Hofstra.
If no, do you currently hold another category of U.S. visa? Visa type: ______________________
PART III: How do you prefer to receive your Form I-20?
By mail: Your Form I-20 will be sent to you via FedEx Express at the address you indicate below. Print your
name and address in English, exactly as it should appear on the envelope. FedEx Express cannot ship to
a post office box. For reasons of privacy, security, and fraud prevention, the I-20 must be delivered
directly to you.
Full Name:
Street 1
Street 2
Postal Code, Country:
When can you be reached at this address? From _______/_______/________
to _______/_______/________
Note: Photo ID must be presented at pickup.
HOFSTRA ID#__________________________
I-20 Application Form
PART IV: Proof of Financial Support
Students must prove they have the means to cover the cost of studying and living in the United States for the
full length of their program of study. Hofstra requires documentation showing readily available, or “liquidfunds,
for the first year and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, adequate funds for each subsequent year.
Information on the estimated cost for an average student for one academic year (9 months) of study based on
the current year tuition rates is posted at hofstra.edu/tuition. Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time.
Please keep in mind that this U.S. dollar amount is an estimate, and that individual student costs may vary,
depending upon factors such as the number of semester hours taken and the housing option and dining plan
Please submit proof of financial support that meets these requirements:
Financial documents must be in English or accompanied by a translation by a certified translator.
All funds must be liquid (savings or checking accounts or certificates of deposit no investments,
insurance, assets, bonds, retirement funds, or securities).
Financial documents must show the name of the account holder. If the account is not in the student’s
name, the account holder (sponsor) must complete and submit an Affidavit of Support:
Financial documents must show the currency of the account if the funds are not in the primary currency
of the country where the bank is located.
Financial documents must have been issued within the past 3 months prior to the submission of this form.
If you will be funded by a government agency, private foundation, or other organization, please include
a copy of an official award letter.
Funding may come from multiple sources. You must provide documentation for each source. Funding
may come from Hofstra University scholarships where a student has been awarded a scholarship and
meets all terms and conditions of the scholarship.
PART V: Additional Information
1. Are any dependents* accompanying you to the United States? Yes No
*Only your spouse and minor children (under age 21) may be included as family members (dependents).
If yes, please submit this form: hofstra.edu/dependentinformation
2. Will a family member or sponsor be providing you with free off-campus accommodations for the
duration of your educational program at Hofstra University? Yes No
If yes, please submit this form: hofstra.edu/freeroomandboard
Certification and Signature (Please read and sign the following statement.)
I hereby certify that all the information on this application form is true and accurate and that the stated funds
are available for my educational expenses at Hofstra University. I understand that if I provide false information in
this document, my SEVIS record may be terminated and I may be subject to University disciplinary action
and/or rescission of admission to the University.
Student Signature ________________________________________________________ Date ______________________
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