Hydrant Use Policy
The Lancaster County Water and Sewer District (LCWSD) strictly
enforces that no one except LCWSD personnel, the local fire departments, authorized
representatives of companies authorized by the LCWSD, and customers authorized
within the following procedures and requirements are approved to use a fire hydrant
within the LCWSD’s service area. This Policy was created as a result of the LCWSD’s
Vulnerability Assessment which was completed in March 2003 so as to only allow
limited use of hydrants by authorized individuals. This Policy decreases the chances of
the LCWSD’s potable drinking water supply being compromised.
In the event that a customer requests the use of a hydrant to obtain water to fill
tanker trucks or for any other purpose, the individual or company’s representative
requesting service must either:
1. Come to the LCWSD’s Warehouse facility at 1403 Kershaw Camden Highway during
normal business hours to obtain water by using the available metered hydrant
assembly located on LCWSD grounds.
Note: There are no Connection Fee Charges or Deposit Fees for hydrant use at the
LCWSD office. Only the amount of water dispensed will be billed monthly
in this situation. No deposit or other fees are needed.
2. Go to LCWSD’s website www.lcwasd.org to find the Hydrant Use Policy and the
Application for Temporary Use of Water from Fire Hydrant. Print the Application,
complete the Application, and fax the Application to 803-285-9574. Or,
Come to the LCWSD office during normal business hours (8AM to 5PM Monday
through Friday excluding Holidays) to complete the following requirements in
order to have a hydrant meter assembly placed for their use within the LCWSD’s
service area. There is a 24 hour notice required in advance before LCWSD personnel
connects a fire hydrant meter assembly to a hydrant for use.
a) Complete the appropriate hydrant use application which may be obtained from
the LCWSD office or from our website www.lcwasd.org (See attached
b) Pay all required fees, charges, and deposits (debit/credit cards are accepted
with applicable service fees) (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or
Visa only) (See attached application). All fees, charges, and deposits must be
paid in full before hydrant meter will be set.
c) After 24 hours notice, LCWSD personnel will connect the LCWSD owned
hydrant meter assembly on a hydrant of the LCWSD’s choosing. The LCWSD
shall have the sole right to determine hydrant locations within the LCWSD’s
service area which will accommodate the customer. In most instances, hydrant
meter assemblies shall be located at an assessable location for minimal
LCWSD Fax Number - (803) 285-9574
Please send all faxes to (803) 285-9574
compromising of the LCWSD’s Water System and to allow the customer easy
d) Once the water is used and the customer notifies the LCWSD to remove the
hydrant, LCWSD will then bill the customer for all water used.
a) All tanks/containers must only be used for water hauling purposes.
b) All tanks/containers must have an approved check valve or air gap assembly
on fill line.
Note: For all hydrants that are used for more than 30 days, there is a
non-refundable $200.00 Monthly Rental Fee associated with each
month’s bill unless approved by the LCWSD in advance which is in
addition to the required deposit.
Water withdrawn from a fire hydrant is not considered to be potable
LCWSD Fax Number - (803) 285-9574
Please send all faxes to (803) 285-9574
Unauthorized or Illegal Water Use
Unauthorized water use is a violation of LCWSD policies, rules, and regulations
and anyone who is found to have made an unauthorized use of water shall be fined and
charged an unauthorized usage fee. In addition, such customer shall also be subject to
civil or criminal penalties at the discretion of the LCWSD.
When an illegal connection to the LCWSD’s water system is found, any devices
associated with such connection shall be confiscated. A notice shall be posted stating that
the connection is illegal and that any equipment which has been confiscated may be
claimed in person at the LCWSD office, or by calling (803) 285-6919. If the person
responsible for the illegal connection is at the scene, the LCWSD shall advise the person
of the LCWSD’s water connection and metering policy, obtain any necessary information
and request that the connection be disconnected. Failure to comply with such request may
result in the LCWSD filing charges with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office against
the offender.
The LCWSD shall calculate a bill for the unauthorized water usage based on the
currently approved unauthorized usage fee in effect at that time. Where water is also
discharged into the LCWSD’s sewer system, sewer charges shall be added at the highest
volume charge per 1,000 gallons currently approved.
Failure to meter water usage from a hydrant shall result in fine(s). Failure to show
the customer’s copy of the application shall result in fine(s).
First Offense = $100.00
Second Offense = $500.00 and/or prosecution for said offenses.
LCWSD Fax Number - (803) 285-9574
Please send all faxes to (803) 285-9574
Application for Temporary Use of Water from Fire Hydrant
Name of Applicant: ________________________________ Phone #: _______________
Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________
Location of Fire Hydrant: __________________________________________________
Purpose of Water Use: _____________________________________________________
Estimated Amount of Use: ___________________ Gallons
Dates of Usage Desired: ____________________________________________________
Non-refundable Connection Fee = $20.00 per connection
Received by: _________________________ Date: ____________
Deposit Fee = $500.00 per connection
Received by: _________________________ Date: ____________
Note: Deposit Fee will be refunded according to the LCWSD’s Deposit Refund Policy
once the meter assembly has been picked up by LCWSD personnel. The Applicant is
solely responsible for the hydrant and meter assembly and their use and condition
while connected to the hydrant. Damage or theft of the meter assembly and/or any
damages sustained while in the applicants use is the sole responsibility of the
applicant. All replacing costs and/or damages to the meter assembly and/or hydrant will
be subtracted from the deposit with any remaining balance added to the monthly bill. Any
outstanding unpaid balance shall be paid prior to a hydrant meter assembly being set.
No hydrant meter assembly will be set if there is an unpaid balance for prior use.
I have read and understand the LCWSD’s Hydrant Use Policy entirely. I also
understand that any damages and/or replacement costs associated with the hydrant meter
is my sole responsibility while the meter is assigned to me.
__________________________________ _____________ ____________________________
(Applicant Name) (Date) (LCWSD Employee Collecting Fees)
_______________________________ __________________________________
(Signature of Person Requesting Meter) (Print Name of Person Requesting Meter)
__________________________ ____________ ______________________________
(LCWSD Employee Setting Meter) (Date) (Hydrant Meter Serial Number)
__________________________ ____________
(LCWSD Employee Returning Meter) (Date)
For LCWSD Use Only
Readings: _____________________ ___________________ = __________________
(Beginning) (Ending) Gallons Used
LCWSD Fax Number - (803) 285-9574
Please send all faxes to (803) 285-9574
1. Only operate a hydrant with an approved fire hydrant wrench. The operating nut
on the top of the fire hydrant is a brass five-sided nut and will be damaged if
operated with anything other than a fire hydrant wrench. If you damage the nut,
you will be billed for the repairs. It is suggested that the applicant use the gate
valve provided on the meter assembly to control the amount of water used instead
of the operating nut. This will allow the hydrant to be opened completely by the
LCWSD employee installing the meter and the gate valve will be used to throttle
the amount of water needed to keep the rubber hydrant seat from receiving
unnecessary wear and damage.
2. Always open the fire hydrant no less than five turns and be aware of the opening
direction indicated usually by an arrow on the top of the hydrant. Opening the
hydrant at least five turns will keep the weep holes from running out and eroding
soil at the base of the hydrant.
3. It is very important that the fire hydrant be opened and closed very slowly. The
way to assure that you are opening and closing it slowly enough would be to take
your hand completely off of the wrench and count to five between turns. The
reason for opening and closing the fire hydrant slowly is to reduce water hammer
in the distribution system which can cause broken water mains and services. If you
do cause this type of damage, you will be billed for the cost of making the
necessary repairs.
4. When closing hydrants, do not apply extra leverage to operation wrench if hydrant
valve fails to close entirely. An obstruction may be under the hydrant valve and
further forcing of the hydrant would unnecessarily damage the rubber valve seats.
Open and close hydrants several times to flush obstruction off the seat. If after
doing this, the hydrant does not close entirely, notify the LCWSD at 803-285-
5. Replace all caps on the fire hydrant before leaving. If caps are left off, debris can
enter the barrel and can cause problems when fighting fires. This condition also
can cause damage to your own equipment if you are the next user.
6. Notify the LCWSD office of any hydrant problems.
7. If anyone is found to have violated any of the above procedures, the fire hydrant
meter assembly will be removed and the applicant will not be allowed use of the
hydrant and will be subject to any fines or damage cost the LCWSD may require.
8. During times of freezing weather conditions, it is the responsibility of the
applicant to ensure the hydrant is closed and the meter assembly is drained
properly. Any damages to the hydrant and/or meter assembly for failing to follow
these directions are the sole responsibility of the applicant.
LCWSD Fax Number - (803) 285-9574
Please send all faxes to (803) 285-9574