Human Social Services
Documentation of Volunteer Activity
It is ultimately up to the Human Social Service faculty to grant or deny your request to count
these volunteer hours toward the required hours for a major in Human Social Services at
Wisconsin Lutheran College. Four documented semesters of volunteer experience in the field of
human services working with diverse populations is strongly encouraged. Please be sure to
clearly explain
your involvement and activity.
Student Volunteer
Email Address
Student Phone
Date Submitted
Name and Location Of Volunteer Activity/Event
Phone Number or Contact Information for Location
Supervisor’s Name
Supervisor’s Phone Number
Service Time Information
Date Volunteer Activity Began:
Date Volunteer Activity Ended:
Total Volunteer Hours:
Supervisor Date
Volunteer Date
In order to receive credit for your volunteer service hours,
this form needs to be fully completed and returned to
Leanne Olson at
Questions? E-mail Dr. Olson or phone 414.443.8843
Wisconsin Lutheran College
8800 W. Bluemound Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53226