Study Leave
Application Form HR 108 (p)
This form is to be used by employees to apply for study leave. You must give a
minimum of four weeks notice to your employer before commencing study leave.
Please complete in Block Capitals/Tick appropriate boxes.
HR108 (p)_V2 May 2018 Page 1 of 2 Revised 29/05/2018
To be completed by Employee
First Name:
Personnel No:
In accordance with the provisions of the HSE Terms and Conditions of Employment (Revised) 2017.I hereby notify
my employer that I intend to take Study Leave.
Number of days leave applied for:
From date
To date
To be completed by the Line Manager
I have checked the relevant supporting documentation required for the leave requested and confirm that the leave
required complies with the terms outlined in the relavant HR policy
Application Approved
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To be completed by Human Resources Personnel Administration
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Appendix 1
Explanatory note on Study Leave
HR 108 (p)_V2 May 2018 Page 2 of 2 Revised 29/05/2018
Paid study leave may be granted to employees in respect of third level courses and
examinations, subject to the standard arrangements governing the grant of leave generally and
provided the costs can be accommodated by the employee’s line manager within their approved
financial allocation.
The grant of study leave may be considered for Bachelor, Master, Diploma and other third level
courses in subjects relevant to the employee’s area of work, as agreed with and approved by the
line manager.
Employees pursuing primary degree courses in their own time may be allowed up to ten days
study leave with pay, over the full duration of the course. Employees should be given as much
freedom as possible as regards spreading the leave over the various course examinations,
subject to the condition that a maximum limit of five days study leave with pay will apply to any
academic year.
This arrangement will also apply to other third level courses of education that last for three years
or longer. For shorter third level courses, three days study leave with pay may be allowed for
each year of the course, repeat years being excluded.
Staff working less than full time will have study leave calculated on a pro-rata basis, subject to a
minimum entitlement of one day’s study leave per individual per course.
Attendance at the course must be agreed locally between the line manager and the employee
prior to commencement on the course and will be subject to ongoing service requirements.
Study Leave NCHDs NCHDs may be granted up to a maximum of 18 working days educational
leave per 6-month period to facilitate:
(1) Attendance at courses, conferences, and educational events determined to be appropriate by
the HSE, the recognised postgraduate training bodies and the Universities;
(2) Study leave prior to an examination or repeat examination for higher degrees or diplomas
determined to be appropriate by the HSE, the recognised postgraduate training bodies and the
(3) Attendance at examinations determined to be appropriate by the HSE, the recognised
postgraduate training bodies and the Universities;
(4) Attendance at interviews within the Irish public health service appropriate to the NCHD’s
training / career pathway;
All educational leave must:
(1) be relevant,
(2) take account of service and rota needs,
(3) be recommended by the supervising Consultant / Clinical Director and
(4) be approved by the Employer in advance in line with the Employer’s leave policy and with
cognisance of the requirements of any specialist training / professional competence scheme the
NCHD is participating in and related medical education and training requirements.
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