How to Write a Quarantine Plan
Your quarantine plan is your responsibility and is a requirement of the Government of Canada.
All international students attending approved Designated Learning Institutions (DLI’s) and intend to
travel to Canada, are required to have a thorough quarantine (self-isolation) plan to satisfy current
Canadian government travel restrictions concerning COVID-19. As part of the Quarantine Act, travelers
to Canada are required to self-isolate for 14 days, provide contact information, and monitor themselves
for symptoms. The Government of Canada is strictly enforcing quarantine requirements and failure to
satisfy these quarantine orders may result in serious penalties, including but not limited to 6 months in
prison and/or $750,000 in fines.
For more information, please refer to the Government of Canada guidelines and Trent
University’s COVID-19 Information Webpage.
This guide is intended to help you develop your personalized quarantine plan.
You quarantine plan should include the following:
1. Information about your suitable place of quarantine.
2. Your direct mode of transportation from the airport to your place of quarantine.
3. Information on how you plan to access basic necessities (food, medication) and services
(childcare, cleaning supplies, social or family support, pet care, etc.) without leaving your place
of quarantine.
Suitable Place of Quarantine:
If you are planning on living on campus, you may quarantine in one of Trent University’s
residence buildings. You must contact Trent Housing.
You may quarantine at an off-campus accommodation if you can physically distance from others
and avoid contact with vulnerable people (people 65 years or older, or people with underlying
medical conditions). Public living areas are to be avoided. You can only quarantine with
individuals who you have lived together with, in the same household (e.g., family members).
If you are booking a quarantine package with Trent Housing or the Holiday Inn Toronto Airport
East, print out the quarantine package information provided and include it in your quarantine
plan for the border agent.
Whether you are living on or off-campus a suitable quarantine space is as follows:
Must be a space you can separate yourself from others.
Must have access to essential services (food, medicine, furniture, medical care etc.).
Is not shared with vulnerable people such as people 65 years or older, or people with underlying
medical conditions.
Transportation from Airport to Place of Quarantine:
You must book your transportation BEFORE departure to Canada and include the information in
your quarantine plan.
Be sure to provide your flight information to your transportation service in case there are any
If you are travelling with a lot of luggage, you should notify your transport company beforehand
so that they can make provisions for you.
Plan to Access Basic Necessities and Essential Services
Arrange how you will get groceries and/or meals during quarantine.
o If staying with Trent Housing, there is a meal delivery option.
o If staying at the Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East Hotel, there is a meal delivery option.
o Arrange for a delivery of groceries and essential supplies from Instacart.
o Order takeout food from Uber Eats, Doordash, or SkipTheDishes
o Check for additional restaurants that are open and provide delivery in the area.
o The pharmacy Shoppers Drugmart offers free delivery of prescription medicine and of
orders for other items over $50.00.
o Have family or friends drop off essential items at your doorstep.
Ensure your place of quarantine is furnished prior to arrival.
Plan to Access Medical Care
In your quarantine plan, also indicate the nearest medical centre and how you would access care safely
should a health professional indicate you should do so safely. While in transit to COVID-19 testing site,
students are required to adhere to all safety measures:
Wear a mask
Sit in the backseat on the passenger's side (if possible) with windows down
Practice physical distancing
Use hand sanitizer when necessary
Sanitize high-touch areas such as seat belts and door handles
Touch as few surfaces as possible
Record taxi driver registration information for contact tracing
Keep cell phone charged
To Help Reduce the Spread of COVID-19
Check-in within 48 hours of arrival through the ArriveCAN app or call 1-833-641-0343.
Report your symptoms through the ArriveCAN app or call 1-833-641-0343 every day until the
end of your 14-day quarantine.
Please submit your Quarantine Plan to the Trent University Quarantine Registry.
Below is AN EXAMPLE of the questions you will be asked to prepare for your quarantine plan. You do
not need to fill this form out as you will complete a downloadable quarantine plan electronically in the
Trent University Quarantine Plan Registry.
To comply with quarantine (self-isolation) procedures, state your trip details and how you plan to
execute it. Be prepared to show it to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer. The CBSA
officer evaluating your entry into Canada might ask for additional proof of the information that you
provide in your plan.
Use ArriveCAN (iOS, Android, or web version) to submit information about your quarantine, plan up to
48 hours ahead of time.
Preparations Before Travel
I confirm that I have checked that I do not have symptoms of COVID-19.
I have registered my travel plans in the Trent University Quarantine Registry.
I have planned my trip to my place of quarantine as directly as I was able to without any
unnecessary stops.
I have packed the items I need for my personal care during my 14 days in quarantine including
a thermometer to monitor my body temperature and a non-medical mask or face-covering
I have downloaded the ArriveCan app.
Personal Information
Full Name:
Date of
Street Address
Apartment/Unit #
Postal Code/ZIP Code
Travel Information
Arrival Date:
Flight Number:
Passport Number:
Other mode of
Quarantine Plan
Transport to Quarantine Facility:
I will go directly to my quarantine facility without stopping along the way.
I will not use public transport.
I will wear a non-medical mask or face-covering the whole way from the airport until I reach my
place of quarantine.
I will sit in the back-seat passenger side, keep the windows down, practice 2 metre physical
distancing always, and sanitize high-touch areas.
How will you get from the airport to your
place of quarantine?
Place of Quarantine:
I confirm that I will remain in my room or residence without leaving unless it is to receive medical
attention for a period of 14 days starting from the day I arrive.
I will not have visitors during my 14 days in quarantine.
I will monitor my health for symptoms of COVID-19.
I will use the ArriveCan application to report my symptoms daily to the government within 48
hours of arriving in Canada.
I will answer phone calls from public health officials and provide access to official visitors
following up to ensure that I comply with quarantine rules.
I will check-in daily with Trent University to report on any COVID-19 symptoms, positive COVID-
19 test results, to confirm that I am following quarantine regulations, and to inform the University
if I need any additional support.
Street Address
Apartment/Unit #
Postal Code
Quarantine Phone:
Describe how you will self-isolate?
Describe how you will access food and essential services without leaving your place of quarantine?
If instructed by a medical professional, how will you leave quarantine safely access medical care?
If I Develop Potential COVID-19 Symptoms
In case of COVID-19 signs or symptoms, I will take the online Ontario COVID-19 self-
assessment and follow the instructions of my Public Health Authority in coordination with Trent
I will follow all health and safety precautions as instructed by the local health authority and take
private transit following the in case I am directed to go to a COVID-19 assessment centre or to
receive medical care
Additional Information
Disclaimer and Signature
I confirm I am a student at Trent University and confirm I will follow the quarantine plan described. I
am aware that failure to follow this quarantine plan may result in a fine of up to CAD$750,000 or a
prison term of up to 3 years. I take full responsibility for following the plan as described below in
addition to any instructions I receive from Housing Services and public health authorities.
I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
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