How to Submit an Appeal while GTCC is on an Adjusted
Schedule because of the Coronavirus Crisis
The Financial Aid Staff at GTCC is committed to making it easy for you to submit your documents to us
while we work remotely. Please include your GTCC Student ID number on each page you submit.
To Submit Documentation to the Financial Aid Office
Scan and email your documents to
Submit your Appeal Online (link to GTCC Financial Aid forms page)
Fax your documents to 336-217-8468
If you are submitting a Max Time Frame Appeal and need a statement from your advisor:
Provide a Faculty Coach or Student Success Coachs statement written on school letterhead or via
email listing the remaining number of credits needed for graduation and include the month and year of your
expected graduation. To find your faculty coach or student success coach, log into WebAdvisor and
click on My Profile. The name of your coach and their email address is listed there. Once completed, they
can return the statement to:
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FAXXCAPP or FAXXC2AP Revised: 02/05/18
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
(GPA/Completion Rate)
Student Name: __________________________________________ GTCC ID: ______________________
Telephone: ______________________________Titan Live E-mail:________________________________
I understand that my appeal will be denied if it does not meet the criteria from Section III. Upon
approval, I understand I must meet all of the conditions of Section I or my appeal will be cancelled
and I will no longer be eligible for grants or loans at GTCC. I understand I will remain on
probationary status until my cumulative GPA is 2.0 or above AND my cumulative completion rate is
67% or above.
My signature confirms that I understand the terms of the appeal and that I have provided accurate,
complete and current information.
Student Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ______________________
Step 1: By initialing each item listed below, you are indicating that you understand and agree toabide by the
following conditions of the appeal if approved:
___I must achieve a semester Grade Point Average (GPA) at least 2.0 or better for each semester of approval.
___I must maintain at least a 75% or better completion rate for each semester of approval.
Step 2: Attach a separate written or typed, detailed explanation and describe eachsemester of unsatisfactory
academic progress. It must have been an extenuating circumstance(s) beyond your control.
___The issues that caused my unsuccessful performance the semester(s) I made an F, R or W are explained
___The ways those issues have been resolved are explained in detail
___My academic plan to achieve success is included
Step 3: Attach supporting third party documentation. Include your name andstudent identification number on each
page. Appeals submitted with insufficient or no documentation will be denied. Examples of extenuating
circumstances along with acceptable documentation include, but are not limited to:
Extended illness or hospitalization. Submit Medical records, Doctor’s letter, MyChart, etc
Unanticipated, serious medical or psychological difficulty. Submit same as above
Death or extended illness of an immediate family member. Submit Funeral Program or Newspaper
Obituary also Proof of relationship
Military service. Submit Orders
Transportation, Job, Place to Live, etc., daily issues now resolved. Submit valid Driver’s License, valid car
registration, Proof of job, Rental Lease copy, etc.
Students who have exceeded the maximum timeframe must also submit
a separate maximum timeframe appeal form.
Semesters:_______________________________________________ Deadline: ________________________________________
GPA: _______________Completion Rate:_____________ Reinstatement Term: ___________ Second Appeal: _______________
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FAXXCAPP or FAXXC2AP Revised: 02/05/18