How to Reduce Test Anxiety - Action Plan
Step 1:
Do you suffer from test anxiety? Finish one of the following sentences based on the information
presented in the workshop.
I believe that I suffer from test anxiety because:
I do not believe that I suffer from test anxiety because:
Whether you believe you suffer from test anxiety or not, all students can benefit from completing this
action plan.
Step 2:
Which strategies will work for you?
List all of the strategies presented in the workshop that you feel will work for you as you try to
overcome test anxiety and/or improve your test- taking skills:
Step 3:
Utilize campus resources. Take advantage of the resources on your campus that will help you
overcome test anxiety and/or improve your test-taking skills.
Talk to your advisor or a counselor.
Talk to one of your instructors and ask for advice about how to prepare for exams in that particular
Check with your learning/tutoring center and ask if they offer workshops or have any resources
available on test-taking strategies or test anxiety.
Ask other students how they combat test anxiety and prepare for tests.
Step 4:
What did you find out? Complete two of the action items in Step 3 and briefly describe what you
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