Please submit all materials through Sales Center (preferred) or to
Underwriting at
Shift4 Merchant Application
Shift4 Order Form
1. Order Form must include the needed interface
2. Always ensure that the Merchant Type selected is “Lodging”
3. Account must have equipment being boarded to the Shift4 gateway
Submitting deals through Sales Center
IMPORTANT: Select “Shift4” as the brand
Complete merchant information
IMPORTANT: Select “Lodging” as the merchant type
Complete rates
Complete order information
Select the appropriate lodging interface for boarding
IMPORTANT: Fill in any special instructions if needed from the order form under section 4
in Sales Center
If applicable, select MSB amount at $1000/$5000 based on what is listed on the Order Form
Complete shipping and account setup information
Upload documents and submit
Hotel Sales Program Submission Checklist
Shift4 provides important resources to help you get started signing hotel accounts.
Those resources can be accessed below. If you have any questions, please contact your
Relationship Manager, Channel Sales Manager or Sales Support team.
Hotel Sales Program Resources
Hotel 101 Webinar
Hotel 101 – Internal Workflow Webinar
Hotel 101 – Q&A Webinar
Hotel 101 FAQ
Hotel 101 Quick Reference Guide
Hotel 101 Workflow Overview
Shift4 Payments Marketing Materials
Shift4 Company Overview Brochure
Shift4 Hospitality Overview Brochure
Shift4 Hotel Marketing Slick
Shift4 Signing Bonus Leavebehind
Shift4 Technologies Brochure
Hotel Sales Program Resources
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