Hotel Overage Request
Note: Section 1506.C, State Travel Regulation permits actual cost for lodging when staying at
the designated conference hotel with approval. If there are multiple designated conference hotels, the
lowest cost designated conference hotel should be utilized. Section 1506.B, State Travel Regulation states
actual costs should not exceed fifty percent over PPM49 current listed rates. Justification must be
maintained in the file to show that attempts were made with hotels in the area to receive the state/best rate.
Travel Authorizati
on No. ______________________ Date(s) of Travel ___________ - ___________
Is this a Conference Hotel? (if YES, attach documentation) YES
Requester’s W#
Name of Requester
Requester’s Email
Explanation of why an increased allowable lodging rate is the best/only course of action:
State rate of d
estination $______________/night*
Rate requested $______________/night*
________________________________ ______________________________
Signature of Requester Date of Request
*Not including sales/occupancy taxes
________________________________ ________________________________
Budget Unit Head / Date Vice President over / Date
Purpose of travel/
Name of conference _______
Budget Unit
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